Your Weekly Horoscope for April 29th

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Singles, you couldn’t be happier this week. You can’t wait to spend all your time basking in the sun and taking advantage of not being committed to anyone. Don’t strike down any potential for love. For those already in relationships, the duo of Mercury and Venus will encourage you to stay in your darling’s arms and nothing else. Professionally, you will sign a new contract this week that will have you succeeding financially and bringing you closer to fulfilling your ambitions.


There’s nothing gained by being cooped up indoors. It’s a necessary evil to put yourself out there and socialize for the sake of finding love. As for couples, do not settle for less than you deserve. You two are great together, but you need to consider any doubts you have about compatibility. The planets will also align this week and allow you to sell your ideals and assert your authority.


Singles, you want something more, and fortunately, all of your friends are on board with you finding love. For those already with partners, your loves are becoming more entwined as you keep spending time together and celebrate the spring. Professionally, before you go all in on a new project, think twice about whether or not it really deserves your commitment.


You’re so afraid of getting hurt that you’ve built a wall around yourself, and frankly, it’s not ideal. Despite what you tell yourself, you really do want to find love. As for those already in relationships, you tend to speak before you think, but your remarks might get you in trouble with your partner. Career-wise, decide once and for all that your troubles at work should be left at the office and not taken home.


Singles have decided to take some time to rest and work on themselves. Put the time to good use and emerge ready to find love. For those already with partners, love reigns supreme at home, and it’s put you in a good mood for the rest of the week. Professionally, the alignment of the planets of Mercury and Venus will give you more momentum this week and motivate you to work on a very exciting project.


You want to meet someone new, but you’re always so quick to point out every little flaw under a huge magnifying glass. Nobody is perfect—not even you. As for couples, the pairing of the Sun and Uranus will bring you some difficulty this week, but it won’t shake your joint love. You also have to negotiate an important contract at work and need to do it in a straightforward way.


Singles will have fun on dates this week. Be fun and adventurous, even if the connections don’t end up being too serious. As for those already in relationships, you’re fed up with giving into your partner’s whims. Let him or her know that your input matters, too. Professionally, it’s possible that a break is all you need to in order to perform at work even better than ever.


You can go on as many fun-filled dates as you want, but you’re also wary of appearances. A lot of money and beautiful words don’t impress you because you know that all that glitters is not gold. For couples, loved ones will help you overcome family troubles that are bothering you a lot. You’re also upset because someone is trying to thwart your plans at work toward the very last minute. Let it go and it will all work out in the end.


It’s a week of luck in love and you have all the means to make the most out of your encounters. Even if it’s not long-lasting love, it’ll satisfy you in the short-run. For those already with partners, you need to be loved as much as you want, and love isn’t really that complicated. Either he or she wants to satisfy you or you need to move on. Professionally, you’ll develop a few important projects soon and it’ll enable you to improve your financial situation.


Singles, the sun and Uranus will align and inspire you to embark on a thrilling adventure. For couples, if you come home and complain too much about your job, your other half will feel that that’s all you ever want to talk about anymore. Your ideas at work are original, and you’ll experience a boost of inspiration this week, especially if you work in a creative field.


Play the field. The desire to conquer more than one person is there, but you also don’t want to invest too much emotionally and time-wise. For those already with partners, a good surprise awaits you this week, especially if you’ve been waiting on a real estate acquisition. Professionally, be as responsive as possible this week. If a new job offer comes you way, go for it and don’t hesitate.


Singles, you’re taking all the steps you need to in order to find your soulmate. It’s more than just the ideal person, but you have to feel ready for long-term love. For couples, don’t let jealousy interfere with a good relationship and don’t constantly ask your lover for reassurance. It will take everything in your power to claim what you’re owed and make all the necessary steps to achieve your goals at work this week.

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