Your Weekly Horoscope for April 22nd



Single Aries like to see their connections through, even if they know deep down he or she isn’t the one. As for those already in relationships, Jupiter will give you a beautiful romance and make you forget the small worries of recent times. Professionally, you’re struggling to pass on your ideas to the rest of the team, but it’s only temporary.


Now is the right time to meet and engage with other singles, but be cautious of people who seem too good to be true. Love doesn’t only exist in the head—it also requires actions. For couples, passion projects and social activities are on the agenda for this week. The planet of Capricorn and Pisces will also make a successful transaction this week. The future is secure.


Singles, it’s quite possible that this week will make you feel positive emotions you haven’t felt in a long time. For those already with partners, don’t miss out on an opportunity to discuss a topic that bothers you with your partner. Professionally, you will reach your goals this week, despite a few small delays and setbacks. Taurus in the sun this week will open the doors for you.


You feel loved this week by friends and family, and it does you a lot of good. For those already in relationships, if the torch is burning brightly between you two, it’s because you lit the fire. Make time your ally at work this week, especially if you want to jump for new adventures. Don’t rush into anything.


Singles, it’s fine if you prefer to stay reserved and on your own, but don’t be closed off to people who might be interested in you. As for couples, don’t look at your partner’s delay in response as disinterest. Have a little confidence in yourself. Professionally, your social life will improve this week at work and it will have great benefits for your productivity. Participate in events as much as you can.


You want to see new faces this week, but don’t forget those who’ve been around the longest. As for those already with partners, your other half is becoming difficult to satisfy and it begins to tire you. People will also be getting on your nerves this week at work, as you race to finish several different projects at once. Try to remain calm, otherwise you will run out of steam.


Singles, it’s not within your nature, but for once, you’d rather be alone than spend time company that doesn’t excite you. For those already in relationships, you’re not in the mood to let yourself pollute your other half. Let him or her know that you’re not the best companion right now and that you’re planning to fix it. Professionally, you will have to find common ground with your co-workers to achieve your goals, even if your plans have to change slightly.


You’ve been in a naughty mood lately. Enjoy the moment without any hesitation. For those already with partners, you should try to see things from your other half’s point of view. You might have more common ground with him or her than you think. Professionally, competition might not be easy, but let it flow off your back. Be true to yourself and you won’t need to convince anyone of your skills.


The duo of the sun and Jupiter will make you crave change this week. It’s essential that you put yourself out there as much as possible in order to avoid getting into a rut. As for couples, it’s good to retain the positive energy between you two. Try going on a trip together to make sure you appreciate each other as much as you can. You’ll want to impose your knowledge and requirements on your co-workers. They might protest at first, but only the end results matter.


Singles, it’s possible that an ex will come back into your life this week. It could be the good news for the week, as it might work for the long-term this time. As for those already in relationships, you’re in full ecstasy mode and feel more in love than ever this week. Professionally, don’t play with authority. You’re perceived as extremely clear and diplomatic.


You want to attract everything that moves this week and avoid commitment until you’ve had all your fun. Why not have fun in the present and not worry too much about the future? For those already with partners, your lover has criticized your occasional lack of romance, so you intend to make him or her fall head over heels for you again. You’re also conflicted at work this week. Don’t let the situation pass without addressing them first.


Singles, if you want to find true love, you’ll really need to keep putting yourself out there. For couples, you feel loved by your partner and your feelings are very strong. You feel lucky to have them confirmed day after day. Professionally, everything is going well, but you’ve had to fight to earn the money you really deserve.


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