Your Weekly Horoscope for April 15th



Singles will experience a revelation this week. The pitfalls of a potential suitor will lead to an epiphany. As for those already in relationships, you exaggerate sometimes, and the requirements you desire in your partner are seemingly endless. Despite this, your other half caters to everything that you ask. Professionally, you’re on the rise thanks to your responsiveness at work and great management skills.


You fantasize and dream about potential love in your life. Keep taking care of your emotional and physical health and love will soon follow. For those in relationships, your lover showers you with affection and makes sure you’re well-pampered. Career-wise, you’ll receive two tidbits of good news this week, making you feel more confident than ever.


Singles, you’re wise despite your youth and won’t be fooled by any nonsense. For those already with partners, your darling seems to be playing with your head and you don’t understand why. Consider asking him or her what’s going on. Professionally, your ongoing projects are plentiful and can lead to advancements that will delight you.


Singles, it’s wonderful to dream, but you—and your expectations—will have to eventually come down to earth. For those already in relationships, you fulfill the desires of your lover and finally understand it won’t benefit either of you to quarrel over small issues. You’ll also have to roll up your sleeves at work this week. You’ve been more tired than usual, so take a few vacation days if you need them.


You’ve had a few nice dates, but something is telling you to be careful and hold off from committing fully. He or she might be too well-versed in the art of seduction. As for couples, it’s clear that you want to be understood by your partner, otherwise your complaints will fall on deaf ears. Professionally, you’ve been working harder than ever and your boss has noticed. The doors will open for you as you wish.


Don’t get too caught up in the prospect of romance or go into a new dating situation blindly or you’ll risk getting hurt. As for those already in relationships, the Moon in Cancer encourages you to fill your social calendar with activities involving family and close friends, boosting your morale. Pay attention to peers at work who seem honest from the start, but can be ultimately malicious.


Singles, you realize that you often give affection to people who don’t deserve it. Spare yourself the trouble this time around and think carefully before investing in someone new. For those already with partners, you’ve reached the peak of your relationship, and while it feels stagnant sometimes, it wouldn’t suit you any other way. Career-wise, if you don’t want to be thrown off at work this week, don’t rush through your tasks.


At the moment, your charm is beyond what you could have imagined. Take full advantage of this period, because the stars dote on you lovingly. As for couples, you don’t want to be together all the time and your partner has taken notice. Talk about this. Professionally, it’s not in your genes, but for once, try to prioritize logic over emotions. Don’t rely solely on your instinct.


Singles, you’ll be introduced to someone who’s perfect on paper but pales in real life. For those already in relationships, your sweetheart is starting to annoy you due to his or her lack of motivation. At work, stop giving off the impression that you know everything as it will earn you an unpleasant reputation.


You can’t help but wax nostalgic about your past lovers. Give yourself some happiness and reprieve by focusing on the future instead. For couples, despite the moon in Capricorn, you’re expecting good news this week and it’ll fill you both with joy. Professionally, there’s been a delay at work, but try to get as ahead as possible.


Singles, try to be fun and available, but something serious is ultimately what you’re looking for. For those already with partners, sometimes you’re asking too much from your lover and you know it. Love is not a prison. Sun and Mars will give you great ideas for work. Don’t delay and apply them as soon as you can.


You know that just because someone is attractive doesn’t mean that he or she is the right person for you. Someone less attractive can be wonderful once you get to know him or her. As for couples, he or she must commit to you fully or you’ll leave. Professionally, if you work in trade or communications, your clientele will increase this week, showcasing your talent.


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