Your Weekly Horoscope for April 8th



Singles, it’s true that the heart sometimes has its reasons, but it’s not necessary for you to dive head-first into a fling without figuring out what you want first. As for those already in relationships, a little tension has come up between you two, but it’s completely fleeting. All will be normal again in no time. Professionally, if you’re close to burning out, take a rest for yourself. It’s the only way to get back on track.


You feel out of your element this week. You fantasize about meeting the love of your life, but it won’t do you any good unless you actually put yourself out there. For couples, projects with friends and family are essential to strengthening your relationship. A thorny situation will also come up at work, but everything will be resolved after many discussions.


Singles, beware of the “crooks” of love who make your heart flutter, but also will lead to heartbreak. For those already with partners, if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, this is the time to communicate without any hesitation. Professionally, a new opportunity will give you a chance to better your work, but also increase your paycheck. You couldn’t have hoped for better.


Bet on the right horse before you commit. It’s better to be cautious about a potential lover than to invest emotionally past the point of no return. As for those already in relationships, your partner loves you madly, so try and remember how lucky you are. Professionally, you have important goals to achieve, but should brush up on your skills before acting.


Singles, don’t be so naive. If you jump headfirst into a new romance, you risk it fizzling out before you determine if you really like this person or not. As for couples, small problems disturb you and make you question things, but know that you’re just looking for issues when there are none. You also need to race against the clock at work this week or else you run the risk of crashing.


You love being desired and appreciated, but know that you like relationships more than playing the field. Once you’ve found someone, you can’t stay alone for long. For those already in relationships, take all of the bad times in stride and focus on the good memories together. The setbacks aren’t really important. Professionally, you can win anyone over and it shows. A promotion and pay raise are in your future.


Singles, sometimes you focus too much on one tiny drawback, without seeing a suitor’s otherwise-great qualities. At this rate, you’ll probably remain single. For those already with partners, with the new moon in Aries, there will be some discord between you two, but it’ll pass before you know it. Professionally, you’ve been putting the pedal to the metal at work and it shows.


You’re doing fine on your own and want to enjoy this moment of solitude while you can. You also can’t stay alone for long, though, so keep a look out for potential suitors. For those already in relationships, this period is ideal for re-actualizing projects that you’ve forgotten about. You also should follow your intuitions at work this week and go for anything you desire.


Singles, your friends are doing everything they can to help you meet the person of your dreams. Just remember that sometimes, some people look great on the surface, but might not actually be compatible with you. For couples, you suspect your darling doesn’t tell you everything. Trust them, but feel free to ask him or her questions without any hesitation. Professionally, put your skills and experience to good use this week.


You finally see dating as a less-daunting task. Take a chance—there’s someone out there who can fill your heart. For those already in relationships, you love your other half, but you run the risk of your bond growing stale if you don’t put in more effort. Professionally, before your knowledge and strong leadership, everyone will bow before you without hesitation.


Singles, the only thing that motivates you this week is the chance to seduce as many people as possible. You might run into someone who has great long-term potential. As for those already with partners, you always want more attention from your lover, but wait for him or her to initiate for once. Career-wise, you will find the most effective solution to improve your situation at work.


The last days of this week are going to be exceptional, especially with the promise of new love on the horizon. For couples, you love swimming in happiness and don’t question your good fortune. You should also make decisions at work without much hesitation.


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