Your Weekly Horoscope for April 1st



Singles, you’ll need to review your standards before going out on dates and meeting new people. For those already in relationships, it’s foolproof between you two, so don’t overthink everything that’s going on. Professionally, the Sun will bring you a boost of motivation for you to run your business and succeed.


This period has been very positive for you because you’re content with just flirting. Why not take up a new lover while you’re at it? As for couples, if you feel tension between you two, don’t waste time—remedy the problem immediately. You’ll also need some patience to get what you want in your career. The combination of Venus and Uranus will help you communicate your wishes.


Singles will have fun playing the field this week. For those already with partners, you and your lover share many ideas, but sometimes you must decide to do what’s best for yourself. Professionally, don’t be too impulsive if you need to start a new job.


There’s a nice connection out there for you, but the timing between you two never seems to work. As for those already in relationships, your other half hasn’t been paying as much attention to you and you feel wounded. Make your desires known as quickly as possible! Career-wise, Mercury will take you into a great financial period. Enjoy the prosperity.


Singles may feel like evenings out are a drag, but you should try to be reasonable in your expectations. Let things in life move as they come. As for those already with partners, you play too much into the game of going back and forth. It’ll end up tiring you both out. Professionally, thanks to Mars, you’re feeling a bit more combative this week because your co-workers are not moving fast enough to your liking.


You want to spark a new connection with a co-worker, but seriously think about the decision before you do anything. If it doesn’t work out, it could be embarrassing. For couples, sometimes your darling doesn’t know how to make you happy, so you have to make your needs known to him or her. Stop being passive aggressive before the tension escalates. Professionally, a conflict at work is behind you, allowing you to move forward as serenely as possible.


Singles, you need more than just a few beautiful words to convince you to jump into a relationship. You want true love, and that journey can be a long one. For those already in relationships, you need to communicate to your partner everything that’s been going on with you. You also need to put more effort in at work to make sure your next project goes smoothly. Multiple people are counting on you to make it work.


Nostalgia is sometimes good, but constantly rehashing your past will prevent you from moving on in your love life. As for those already with partners, you love making the home you two share a special place. Mercury will also help you negotiate a contract this week without making any of your co-workers angry with you.


Singles are willing to go out a lot these days, which allows them to see a host of new faces. Even if it’s not love, it’ll create a change in the air. For those already in relationships, you like happiness and communicating openly, and your other half follows you without hesitation. Professionally, you’re up for all of the challenges that come with a new role at work. It completely corresponds with your character and work ethic.


Instead of moping around at home in front of the TV, push yourself to go out instead. You won’t regret meeting someone new. As for those already with partners, stop wanting to control everything in your relationship. A lot of factors are out of your control and you can’t be the only one making decisions. You feel as if you’re not being appreciated and valued at work. Talk to your boss and be sure to do something about it.


You’re very happy to be single because friendship outweighs love for you at the moment. You feel free to decide anything at the last moment, which satisfies you. As for couples, your family has been pushing you to settle down, but you don’t want to make any huge decisions under pressure. Professionally, workplace events seem unpleasant at first, but it’s all about being patient.


Singles love being courted, but other than that, they have no desire to find a serious relationship right now. They’re in seduction mode for life. As for those already with partners, you make it clear to your lover that you’re done taking all directions from her or her. From now on, your decisions together will be collaborative. You also don’t want setbacks at work to overcome your determination to succeed. You’re not the type to get discouraged easily.


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