Your Weekly Horoscope for March 4th

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Singles are turned off this week from the notion of falling in love as it makes their lives more complicated than necessary. You don’t want to commit to any one person until you feel like you’ve found the one. As for couples, your lover is hoping you will give him or her more affection and attention. Professionally, the duo of Jupiter and Uranus will boost your social life and force you to meet the right people at the right time.


You’ve finally decided to communicate as simply as possible and express your emotions without doubting them first. It’s a good way to find everlasting romance. For those already in relationships, your other half has done nothing to earn your blame. He or she tries to show you love every day and you’re lucky because of it. Professionally, your impulses will allow you to plan your financial future and earn more money than you expect.


Singles have everything on their side this week—including sex appeal—but sometimes they have a hard time conveying their emotions. For those already with partners, your lover can’t hide anything from you because you can guess anything at the speed of light. Career-wise, you’re hesitating when deciding between two projects, but go with your gut on this one.


You’re floating on a powerful perfume of seduction and possible flirtation. Why not take advantage of your irresistible allure while it lasts? For those already in relationships, you want the bond between you two to last, so don’t get complacent during the honeymoon period. Career-wise, your persuasiveness will make all of the sparks fly in terms of your business and financial matters.


Singles, between us, if you’re looking for your ultimate soulmate, you’ll come back empty-handed. Perfection doesn’t exist in the world. As for couples, talking about logistics or money is always going to dampen the mood and cool your libido, but these conversations are essential. Professionally, don’t act in haste or else you risk returning to square one.


Singles are feeling confident in their skin as if the world belongs to them. For those already in relationships, you feel reassured by your partner and have a lot of fun new projects to do together in the future. The promising combo of Mars and Uranus will signal imminent change in your career, whether that’s a new job or a successful transition.


Singles have finally turned the pages of the past and are ready for true love. As for those already with partners, if you want everything to go well between you two, don’t ask too many questions and just try to enjoy the moment. Professionally, an unpredictable situation that occurred at work has now settled. Everything will come out well on the other side.


It is possible that your love story will start in a completely surprising way, and without you looking for it. It’s called luck. As for couples, even your sweetheart is upset by your bad mood. Sometimes it’s better to put on a smile and remain confident as if everything is going well. You’ll also hit a second wind this week and make the most of your ideas at work.


Now that you’ve lowered some of your unrealistically high expectations, you’re finally open to going on more dates. As for those already in relationships, your other half understands you better now that you’ve conveyed how you’re feeling. Professionally, if you just took a few vacation days to clear your head, you’ll be able to come back to work with more motivation than ever.


Singles, when it comes to romance this week, you want everything and more: the freedom of independence and security in knowing where you stand with someone. Choose one, because both are impossible. For those already with partners, it’s starting to tire you when your lover becomes needy, but you need to do your best to reassure him or her. You’re normally very concentrated at work, but there will be something to distract you this week.


Sometimes the best you can do is to love the love that you already have, even if it’s not the romantic kind. As for couples, you feel torn between spending more time with your darling and throwing everything you have into your job. It’s not easy to balance both. You also don’t want to be jealous of co-workers who are entrusted with important projects. Try to be as tactful as possible while making your worth known to your boss.


Singles, the one could be closer to you than you imagined. Don’t hesitate to entertain the possibility of love. For those already in relationships, the love between you two gives you wings. Enjoy it as much as you can! Professionally, Capricorn and Pluto will ensure a promotion in your future, while Neptune legitimizes the recognition of your skills.

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