Your Weekly Horoscope for February 4th



Singles are in the right frame of mind to cultivate a new relationship that makes them feel good. Above all else, don’t settle for anything less than happiness. As for those already in relationships, you and your partner are doing great, so no need to seek out non-existent problems. Professionally, have no fear when it comes to your future. Seize opportunities as they come.


You feel a little disappointed because reality often doesn’t correspond with your fantasies of romance. Your desire of perfection needs to be toned down a bit. For couples, you’re feeling a little annoyed with your partner and are thinking about walking away. Contemplate for a while before making a decision. Career-wise, you’re quite capable of standing up to your boss and dealing with his or her reaction.


Singles have a great impact on those they meet. Now is the time to think about what you really want in a lover. As for those already with partners, everything is fine between you two except a few family problems are cropping up that interrupts your peaceful time together. Professionally, if you want your attempts at a raise or a promotion to be successful, you have to learn how to stand out more at work.


You’re in a negative state of mind this week and are feeling down. You think no one could be interested in you, but need to adjust your attitude if you want to find love. As for those already in relationships, a project will allow you two to bond and avoid boredom. Professionally, the industry you’re in is a bit slippery financially, but you’ll definitely find your footing soon.


Singles, your motto is passion. The person you’re dating has to excite you completely, or else you’d rather be alone. For those already with partners, all of your dreams are possible, including a wedding in the future. You’ll also throw an idea you’ve had for some time into the ring at work and your colleagues will be receptive to your ideas.


Beware of charming lovers from your past and take your time to see clearly before you decide to go back to him or her. The future is something way better if you choose to move on. As for couples, there might be a family dispute that occupies the majority of your attention this week. Professionally, your team is full of praise at work and you’ll soon get to work on an ambitious new project. Bravo!


Singles have the opportunity to get closure on past relationships and be rid of them once and for all. Happiness might be closer than you imagined. As for those already in relationships, you have nothing negative to say about your partner, so enjoy it. You have everything, including love, friends, and a supportive family. For work, you have decided to put yourself out there and pitch more of your ideas.


Singles, don’t bother! If you don’t see a future with a potential flame, no need to waste your time. You want the real thing, but at the same time, make sure not to put too much pressure on yourself to find love. For couples, you’ve been having issues at home. Try to avoid arguments and talk through your issues instead of acting on your emotions. Professionally, a boost of fate will speed up your career, but above all, your skills will help you in the long-run.


You are having a lot of fun this week and want to seduce others for the pleasure of pleasing. As for those already with partners, you’ve decided to be more open and forthright with your darling. It’s time to compromise and realize you can’t always get your way. You are also surprised at how well you can reverse a thorny situation at work to your advantage.


Singles are feeling shy about approaching others. It’s not always a good plan to wait around and stay in your shell, so get a move on before it’s too late. For those already in relationships, if you aren’t OK with your partner making the majority of decisions, make that known. Professionally, you will feel under a microscope at work and will feel more pressure to perform well.


Life is going well. You aren’t aiming specifically for commitment, but mostly just to have fun. That’s enough for your happiness at the moment. As for couples, you want to prove your love and affection to your darling every day through your actions and not just your words. It’s also out of the question for you to settle for less than you are worth at work. Make sure you are being paid fairly.


Singles want to love, but don’t want to feel dependent on someone else. It’s not always easy, especially if they’re not willing to put themselves out there. For those already in relationships, you’re so afraid of not satisfying your partner that you forget yourself. It’s a grave mistake to lose yourself in another person. If you have something to say at work, stand up for yourself.


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