Your Weekly Horoscope for January 28th

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Singles, try and enjoy yourself without asking too many questions. The present is most important to build for the future. As for those already in relationships, the love is too strong between you two to bicker unnecessarily. Professionally, a project that launched a long time ago is gaining momentum, but you’ll have to be vigilant with organizing everything so it all goes smoothly.


Don’t let a little disappointment deter you. Perfection doesn’t exist in the world, so try to be realistic with your expectations. For couples, express your desires and ask your partner to help make them come true. Don’t be afraid to knock on doors this week. It’s your mission to push yourself outside of your comfort zone to get ahead career-wise.


Singles are playing it cool this week and feel open-minded, but if you say yes to all dates, you might end up wasting your time. Remember that you can afford to be a little picky. As for those already with partners, your family is more united that ever, which facilitates relations with your other half. Professionally, someone at work is lagging behind and it’s slowing you down. Try to clear up the problem before it worsens.


You’ve decided you want true love or nothing. Keep going on dates, even though useless interactions do not interest you. As for couples, there’s no harm in fighting a little. It gives great opportunities to reconcile happily later. Your budgeting strategy is finally paying off and a positive development will move your job forward.


Singles will have fun this week and everyone will succumb to your charms. As for those already with partners, life is beautiful and your other half looks at you as if you’re the eighth wonder of the world. Professionally, everything is happening in its own time. You prefer to have something to work towards than to get bored.


There is flirtation in the air and you’ll find yourself attracted to all different types of people. You should also steer clear of a recent ex, who has resurfaced. As for those already in relationships, your lover is tired of you spending more time at the office than at home. Explain that your boss has given you more work at the moment and that you can’t do much to help the situation.


Singles, sometimes you desire to have someone who doesn’t truly interest you over no one at all. Even if it’s not true love, solitude doesn’t suit you. As for those already with partners, your darling is a rare pearl and will do anything to make you happy. You’ll also think about moving up the ladder at work, and thanks to your network, it might happen very soon.


You want to fall in love, but you also don’t want to lose your head. You prefer to censor your impulses and have a more calm life in the meantime. For couples, you’re very annoyed this week, so be sure to check in with your partner. Professionally, you’ve been working so hard lately and want it all to pay off.


Singles, if you’re looking for a soulmate, Jupiter and Uranus will help you by scheduling a date in an unexpected place. As for those already in relationships, your feelings are strong for each other so stop second-guessing yourself. You’re also on the right track for a new project at work. Try to be cautious before you sign on the dotted line.


You want love right away, but if you’re waiting around for the perfect person to come into your life, you might end up disappointed. As for those already with partners, your other half sometimes forgets the problems in your life. Try to be patient and your relationship will blossom. Professionally, a plan of yours has a few minor setbacks but once you revise everything, anything can be possible again.


Singles can spend this moment of celibacy by dedicating themselves to a new hobby or project. Don’t get to complacent, though—put yourself out there when you’re ready. For couples, you are madly in love and can’t stop imagining your future together. You’ll also require a little patience at work this week as not everything is going according to plan.


Singles feel cool, calm, and collected and don’t want to go overboard when it comes to finding love. For those already in relationships, you find that not everything is perfect between you two because you often speak without thinking. Professionally, the more you talk about your upcoming project at work, the more people are willing to get on board. Play this strategy to your advance.

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