Your Weekly Horoscope for January 14th



Singles will be surrounded by their friends and loved ones this week because they need their support with a complex subject that bothers them. Let the mask fall and have trust in those who care about you—their advice will be valuable. As for those already in relationships, your many efforts to get closer to your lover are starting to frustrate you because they’re not being returned. Professionally, business is going well, so your finances will soon improve.


What a successful week for singles! You have all of the charm to make anyone smile and fall in love with you. How could anyone resist? For couples, talk about everything in your relationship without restraint and try to be as straightforward as possible. This should be your motto for the rest of the year. Your boss is starting to trust you more because he or she is no longer on your back constantly.


Singles have decided to make 2019 their year. Suddenly, all of their good vibes will play to their advantage when it comes to love. As for those already with partners, you and your significant other will have seven days of bliss and happiness this week. Professionally, Mars will give you the momentum to make a huge change that will fare well for your career.


Singles are not in the mood to frolic around this week. Without having solved some dire problems in their previous relationship, they will not take any risk in looking for love. As for those already in relationships, Capricorn will tell you to set boundaries and rules so everything is more clear between you two, especially if the relationship is new. You’ll also have to put in extra work this week, especially if you want to finish a freelance job.


Singles are no longer feeling bothered at the beginning of the year because their loves seem promising and they’re flirting willingly. Wait and see if a more serious connection develops down the line. For couples, your lover not only tries to fulfill your needs without hesitation, but he or she supports you in your career. Professionally, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself in order to get a pay raise, especially if you’ve been in the position for some time now.


The good news for singles is that they’re successful at every romantic endeavor they attempt. The bad news is that they’re attracting people they’re not necessarily interested in. Be sure to be picky when necessary. As for those already in relationships, sometimes you don’t understand your other half, but it’s best to wait for a bit before you voice your opinion. Some issues have their way of working themselves out. The combination of the Sun and Saturn will formalize a project at work and it’ll feel reassuring for the future.


Singles, now is the time to take refuge in the memories of love in the past. Allow yourself to remember the good times but also move forward! As for those already with partners, you very much appreciate your darling, because he or she is also your best friend. Whenever you have a problem, you turn to him or her. Professionally, your style of communication is having a great effect on your coworkers.


Don’t waste any time and try hard to find love. Starting off the new year on a good note is important for your romantic life. For couples, your partner hasn’t been bothering you. On the contrary, he or she has been so pleasant to be around that you risk getting complacent in the relationship. You will also push the envelope at work this week and try to get a promotion or raise.


Singles, this week is suiting you perfectly. Let yourself be carried away by events and good surprises and love will find you naturally. For those already in relationships, you’ve made a huge improvement in how you and your partner communicate. Now, you’re able to express your opinion without fighting. Professionally, your only goal this year is to work more in order to earn more, and Mercury will give you an edge over the competition.


Venus will leave Scorpio soon, so singles will know when the right time is to make a move. As for those already with partners, don’t blame your lover for his lack of attention when you aren’t making your own needs known. New guidelines at work will offer you the opportunity to take on more responsibilities and be compensated accordingly.


Singles are finally finding lightness in their lives and are open to all dates they’ve been asked on. The pleasure of seducing others will boost your confidence. For those already in relationships, words of love and kindness will signal the green light in making a serious step in your connection. Professionally, it’s worth it to put all of your effort into your job, but don’t let it become your entire life. If you’re looking for a new position, you’re on the right track.


Take a friend’s advice and don’t bet on love to fulfill all of your happiness. You will be disappointed if you believe romance will solve all of your problems. As for couples, your other half is so consumed by his or her own life that you’re not getting what you need from the relationship. Career-wise, you’ll get what you want when it comes to a raise. The Sun in Capricorn will bring you a bonus and this will bode well for a bright future.


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