Your Weekly Horoscope for December 31st



Singles will start the new year savoring life and happiness after meeting a rare person who loves you dearly and makes you dream of the future together. Still looking for a special someone? Don’t worry, it won’t be too long now. As for those already in relationships, you will make a lot of decisions for 2019. Professionally, you’ll move onto a new job soon or receive a favorable response to a project you’ve been working on.


Pay attention because singles are feeling a little nervous this week. It’s a shame, too, because you could meet someone interesting very soon. For couples, every slightest doubt your lover has worries you and makes you feel jealous. When you see that you have nothing to worry about, you’ll feel silly! You need a little patience to get a new contract signed at work this week.


Someone in your friend group is giving you discreet signs that he or she is interested, but you pretend not to notice! Open your heart and your arms, otherwise you may regret it and end up alone. As for those already with partners, you’re feeling down because you don’t have enough affection in your relationship and it’s making you sad. Professionally, Saturn is slowing down your pace of work and you feel like you’re dragging your feet. You might have to do twice as much to reach your goals at the beginning of the year.


Singles, when you go on your dates, try not to play hard to get. Otherwise, he or she might not see your true feelings, and that would be a shame. For those already in relationships, stop teasing your partner because it’s starting to get old and tired. The year is looking great for you work-wise and you’ll succeed in everything you do. Take advantage of Jupiter, which will protect all of your career aspirations.


Stop collecting dates as if you’re looking for a fan club of admirers. You might get bored that way very quickly. For couples, a huge project in 2019 will motivate you both greatly. Professionally, you’ll start off the year competing with a few co-workers as you’ve always had the mentality of an eye-for-an-eye and a tooth-for-a-tooth. That’s not a reason to walk all over everyone.


Singles are saying to those who want to hear it that they prefer to be alone. No wonder everyone is skipping over you when it comes to setting their friends up on dates! For those already with partners, your lover is a little sensitive at the moment so try to be extra careful about his or her feelings. It’s also true that your projects are ramping up in the new year and you’ll have to be in the office more at the beginning of 2019. Fortunately, your finances will improve at the same speed.


Singles, you feel like there’s nothing you can do to find love, so you’ll end up asking a lot of questions on your dates. It’s necessary to first make yourself happy and then love will follow. As for those already in relationships, you find that sometimes that you’re not getting what you want from your partner. Tell him or her frankly! Professionally, work is going well. Just wait until the new year to embark on fresh adventures.


You’re torn between the idea of pushing yourself to meet someone new or turning toward an ex who doesn’t suit you completely. 2019 will give you the answer by introducing someone new and amazing to your life. Couples are doing well and you’re thrilled for the new year. You should also use all of your assets and connections to highlight your professional potential. This period is conducive in boosting your career forward.


Singles, you feel a little indifferent when it comes to love these days. It can’t hurt to flirt a little and see where it takes you! For those already in relationships, don’t let relatives who want to confide all of their miseries in you drive a wedge between you and your partner. This is the new year, so you have to change something! Professionally, you enjoy the freedom you have at work to control your own hours and workload.


You love to test the powers of your seduction. If you’re single, then why not? For couples, stop playing so much into your partner’s desires. You’ve already tried to please him or her to the best of your abilities, so try to prioritize yourself, too. It’s necessary for you to go into overtime at work in order to complete a few projects at the beginning of the year. It’ll be worth it, though, because you’ll succeed in the end.


Singles, this is not your week because you keep running into bad luck in the love department. For those already with partners, you’ll be annoyed by the influence that surrounds you and your darling. Make it known as diplomatically as possible. It’s also possible you’ll receive a new project in addition to your usual workload, which could be very interesting and improve your finances. Don’t hesitate to say yes.


If a date seems fantastic, be sure to really get to know him or her beneath the beautiful smile. For couples, your darling will make a grand statement that he or she hasn’t made for quite some time. Professionally, you will feel obligated to stand up for yourself at work and make your voice heard. It’s not what you prefer, but at least everything will get cleared up and you’ll start 2019 on top.


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