Your Weekly Horoscope for December 10th



Singles, it’s good to bet on your charm, but even though it’s your most powerful asset, you should allow potential suitors to see different, softer sides of your personality. As for those already in relationships, try managing a budget between you two. Even though it’s not your thing, it’s better to have arguments over something other than money. Professionally, a promotion for you is in the works, so now is the right time to ask for a raise.


You’re thrilled this week and want to put yourself out there, so ask your loved ones to take you out and introduce you to new people. As for couples, you’ve decided to spend the evenings with your lover cuddling and staying warm in the winter. Career-wise, other members of your team prefer to stay silent, but you have no problem standing up for yourself when a situation seems unfair.


Singles are skeptical because a date has been sending mixed signals. Wait until you have a clear decision you want to make and put the effort into strengthening friendships. For those already with partners, you’ll find the words to reassure your S.O. just when he or she needs it the most. Professionally, you should find a better way to organize your schedule, otherwise you run the risk of becoming overwhelmed by work.


After a slump in your dating life, you’ve grown more aware of how much you want to please others and have decided to lay low for a while. Let others try to impress you instead of the other way around. As for those already in relationships, you’re thrilled that your partner is willing to do what you want for once. You’ll also put all of your effort into work this week and get ahead of the game before the holidays.


You’re feeling a little nostalgic this week and dreaming of an ex lover. Even though you can only think of the good memories, remember why you two broke up in the first place. For couples, if you want a happy holiday season, it’s time to put an end to bickering with family members. Professionally, let a situation cool down on its own at work. If you intervene, you might complicate things further.


Singles don’t care too much about love. All they want are strong friendships and great relationships with family members. As for those already with partners, harmony will rule again in your love life just in time for the holidays. You’ll also ink a new contract at work this week and will feel relieved at the end of the year.


Singles are happy and want to share that joy with others, whether that’s spreading laughter among friends or basking in the glow of a budding relationship. They finally feel like they’re with someone who makes them feel good. As for those already in relationships, you feel supported and pampered by your love and you feel sure that he or she is the one. Professionally, it will take all of your strength and determination to complete your work before the end of the year.


You’re not feeling that picky as of late, to the surprise of everyone who knows you. You feel eager and want to find someone to spend the holidays with. For those already with partners, everything between you and your love is going well, and there will be plenty of projects for you in the new year to keep you feeling connected. Career-wise, you feel nearly indestructible at work and are already on the road to success.


Singles are putting themselves out there this week, but feel like it’s the wrong time for them to date. Rely on your friendships instead for support. As for those already in relationships, your sweetheart is zapping all of your energy from complaining about his or her worries. It might annoy you at first, but be glad that your partner has so much trust in you. Professionally, a promotion is in your future.


Now that you finally know what you want, you’re going on a ton of dates in hopes of finding love. For couples, the lack of thought your S.O. puts into the relationship has been annoying you, but when you bring up a concern, he or she often bends over backwards to make you happy. There also won’t be any obstacle for you at work this week and you’ll be able to execute your ideas as smoothly as possible.


A beautiful week is in store for you, with plenty of opportunities for dates and finding someone special. You might be pleasantly surprised by someone at the end of the year! As for those already in relationships, the new Moon will create an event for you to remember for a long time to come. You should also double check your financial accounts and reports at work this week in order to avoid an error.


Singles are feeling very hesitant and not open to love this week. This is not the right time for you to find love. As for those already with partners, you completely trust him or her, but that doesn’t make you blind. Let your sweetheart know that you don’t appreciate wandering eyes. Professionally, your boss has full confidence in you for new responsibilities at work. Don’t let anyone down!


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