Your Weekly Horoscope for November 26th



Singles are letting this week pass them by—and not because it’s a bad week, but because they can’t be bothered to put any effort into their social lives. Rather than immediately turning down each party invite, try putting yourself out there. As for those already in relationships, you should consider using a kinder and more diplomatic way of communicating with your lover. It’s very easy to criticize each other, but harder to find a common ground. Professionally, the beginning of this week will bring clarity to an ambiguous situation.


You’ve met a few interesting people lately, but you’ll have to be patient when it comes to finding true love. Only time can strengthen your bond together, so try to wait a bit before making a judgment. As for couples, everything is moving along in a positive direction because a few new projects will bring you two closer than ever. This week, Saturn and Venus will also fare well for you at work and may even cause you to earn a raise.


Singles have the help of a loved one to solve a personal problem that has bothered them for quite some time. This week is not for love, but for friends. As for those already with partners, you’ll also benefit from a great support system that will help serve you both. Professionally, Jupiter will create small delays for you in accomplishing your tasks or getting an important appointment.


You’re putting yourself out there in any way you can in hopes of not ending up alone during the holiday season. You’re sure to meet someone special soon! For those already in relationships, the Sun will leave your sign in the mood for love, so make sure to spend as much time with your partner as possible. Career-wise, you’ll see a boost in momentum this week in order to solve a problem at work.


Singles, this week will surprise you. Jupiter will cause what you thought would be a very boring date to turn into an exciting, whirlwind romance. As for couples, try to organize an intimate date at the end of this week in order to facilitate discussion between you and your partner. Professionally, you could receive an interesting proposal about an ongoing project that will allow you to travel and meet people living far from home.


You’ll meet new people this week, but will feel that none of them are really that interesting or mesh well with you. Look twice—sometimes chemistry takes longer to develop. As for those already with partners, don’t throw oil on an fire if the fight doesn’t seem worth it in the end. It’s better to try to be diplomatic and make sure there’s harmony in the relationship. You’ll also have to work a lot this week and don’t like spending this much time in the office, but the end result will be worth it.


Singles this week will feel light as air. Possible encounters will be spurred on by the duo of Venus and Uranus, creating new opportunities for love. As for those already in relationships, the love between you two is so strong that you feel like your bond can withstand anything. Professionally, if you’ve been looking for a new job, you’ll soon get an answer back that will please you greatly.


You’re feeling down when it comes to love this week, but going out on as many dates as possible and having fun with your friends will lift your spirits. For couples, Mars and Pisces will give you the courage to express your feelings to your significant other as candidly as possible. A project at work will also start to ramp up and your team is counting on your creative ideas to keep the momentum going.


Singles will take a weekend getaway with a new lover that could move the relationship forward and lead to exclusivity by the end of the year. As for those already in relationships, everything has been going so well that you feel completely on the same wavelength. Professionally, you can’t complete a huge project on your own, so you need to have more faith and trust in your team.


You’re happy to be alone this week, not because you’re content with being lonely, but because you feel as if you should put most of the focus on yourself instead of forming a new relationship. For those already with partners, you’ll make a decision for the both of you to move forward in the relationship. Everything will work out in the end! A co-worker who has been unfriendly toward you will find him or herself in a very unfortunate position.


Singles are asking a lot of questions this week. Even though a new date may feel uncertain, there may also be a chance that it could result in a long-term relationship. As for couples, you’re in the best position right now to ask your partner where the union is headed. Don’t be afraid of hearing what he or she has to say—it could be more positive than you think! Professionally, you’re torn between two work offers two directions. Don’t panic about making a decision.


It’s not a fun week for you. Stress at work and problems in your personal life will damper your mood, but keep going out as much as possible. There’s no use cutting yourself off from potential dates. The duo of Mars and Saturn will also bring you strength and tenacity at work. Don’t let up until you reach your goal and your efforts pay off.


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