Your Weekly Horoscope for October 29th

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Singles, this week seems to be harmonious in terms of romance so take full advantage. For those already in relationships, after a long period of tension, the Moon will ease your situation and your connection with your partner will go back to feeling strong. Professionally, don’t hesitate to optimize on your chances of success by mixing responsiveness and creativity at work. Your co-workers will start to think that you can find a solution to anything.


The duo of Venus and Uranus will amplify your emotions this week but it would be smart to take a pause before succumbing to passion or a new relationship. As for couples, you’re waiting for him or her to take the next step. You want to see where his or her head is at so act accordingly. Career-wise, your ideas are great but it will take a lot of effort for them to be taken into account and accepted.


Singles will have to go out of their way to find excitement this week. On one hand, they prefer the quiet instead of going out and on the other hand, there’s nothing really exciting to do at home. As for those already with partners, the full moon in Taurus is just right to restore energy to the relationship that’s running out of steam. Professionally, you’ve decided to ask for a raise and you’re in great shape because you have a convincing argument.


You’re thriving in the simplicity of being single but at the same time, your expectations are high for potential suitors. Keep your eye out and see if anyone can exceed your requirements. For those already in relationships, you’re relying more this week on your financial needs and goals and that’ll have a great impact on your home life. Career-wise, a lot of new opportunities will urge you to react quickly, even though you prefer to take your time to think everything through. Listen to your intuition above anything else.


Singles will be as seductive as ever this week, but want to keep their options open as much as possible. As for those already with partners, the Moon will amplify your connection and you two will grow together in love. Professionally, it’s not simple enough to please everyone at work. The easiest solution is to make a plan and accommodate your co-workers when needed.


Singles feel a little behind when it comes to finding love. There is a desire to move forward and foster real relationships, but at the same time, you don’t want to put in that much effort. For couples, the trio of the Sun, Venus, and Saturn will bring new possibilities for your shared life together. You’ve also felt slightly wronged at work recently but any misunderstandings will cleared up soon enough.


Even though you feel as if you’re completely lacking in the romance category, you’ll take new interest in sports and artistic activities, which will definitely keep you busy. As for those already in relationships, after a period of reflection, you’ve decided that you want to act quickly when it comes to creating a future together. Try to think deeply about how to make the next step in commitment. Professionally, don’t bother running away from certain meetings and appointments that you’ve been avoiding.


Singles are waiting for their romantic prospects to evolve into something more serious and won’t be disappointed this week. He or she will want to commit to you. For those already with partners, you’re making a greater effort to understand your significant other during fights and moments of tension, but it definitely tires you out. Professionally, the planets will bring a great, but unexpected opportunity your way.


You’ll be gearing up to travel a lot soon, which can spark new connections and a potential romance. For couples, the only thing on your mind as of late is whether or not you and your lover should co-habitate and try to make it work under the same roof. You’ve also almost reached your limit when it comes to tolerating mistakes at work. It’s good to have patience, but everyone has their limit!


Singles this week will decide to undertake a huge personal project, such as moving to a different city or planning a large-scale trip. It feels good to take control of your future and it can only fare positively for your love life. As for those already in relationships, it’s better to let the little fights go and not dwell too much on the negatives. You’ll also have to defend your position at work and sometimes it’s good to stand up for yourself and defend your best interests.


You’re fortunate enough to have the full moon this week, which will positively influence your love life and give you the upper hand to declare your feelings to a new possible love. For those already with partners, you need to take the initiative and make some decisions in your relationship. Even though you’ve been waiting for a long time for an answer to a major career move, deep down you know that the result will be positive. Don’t try to force fate because it will happen on its own.


Singles are dating around, but aren’t eager to commit to a single person quite yet. As for couples, a few small annoyances will end up creating greater distance between you two. If you don’t hold on now, you run the risk of the relationship becoming too distant and cold. Jupiter will also help you make a smart business move this week, but be careful to avoid any obstacles that could spoil a big project you’ve been working on.

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