Your Weekly Horoscope for October 22nd



Singles are always feeling suspicious and paranoid that potential suitors will end up hurting them. The only thing that will come out of it is fear or conflict, so try to become more zen. As for those already in relationships, you’re always putting a lot into the bond with your partner and you don’t always get a lot back. It might get you down, but don’t dwell too much on problems in your relationship. Professionally, you’re in a period of good luck and any feedback you’ve been receiving on your work has been positive.


Don’t get carried away by the excitement of a new romance. Reality might knock you down once you realize than it’s not possible for your potential partner to be perfect. For couples, you want to keep your lover as happy as possible, but you also want there to be some forward momentum in the relationship. Career-wise it might be a little complicated to obtain the necessary material resources to launch a project but your professionalism will work wonders.


Singles are as clear as possible about their romantic intentions with future partners. They put an end to any love interests who don’t hold any promise. As for those already with partners, after a few tiring days at work, there’s nothing quite like the soothing words of your significant other to comfort you. Professionally, this is the ideal time for you to start freelancing in order to pick up some extra cash.


You’re full of questions whenever you go on a new date, including: “Is this the right one for me?” Even though you have a negative outlook about your future love life, try to be as easygoing as possible. As for those already in relationships, your partner needs to put more effort into forging a good connection or else you’ll take your company elsewhere. Scorpio will bring you good fortune this week at work and the planets will cross to positively impact your career.


A friendship will annoy you so much that you won’t even think about love at all. However, it’s not impossible that someone will notice you, so keep your head up! For couples with the sun in Libra, you’ll have a better time than ever and you can’t stop laughing together. You also can’t always have unanimity at work, but remember to follow your path without worrying what’s said about you.


Have more confidence in yourself and don’t feel deflated every time a possible love fizzles out. Go towards happiness without any fear. For those already with partners, you’re already working on a lot of projects before the year’s end and need a way to balance your workload with your relationship. Don’t be stressed about getting everything perfect, you still have time to succeed! Professionally, you want to earn more money at your current company or you’ll soon resign.


You have such rigid requirements for what you want in a partner that no one can possibly live up to your expectations. Tap into your desires and look for someone who fulfills you in every way. As for those already in relationships, you accept a lot of things about each other and have learned to grow together. Career-wise, there’s a new project you’ve been dying to work on but you’re puzzled that there hasn’t been much momentum. Try to clarify the situation with your boss before taking any action.


Venus will organize a beautiful date with someone you didn’t expect to find attractive at all. You will soon realize that it would be a pity to turn down such a strong connection. For couples, your darling doesn’t always adhere to your ideas, but don’t question everything as if it’s a personal affront to you. Professionally, you will forge ahead and achieve your goals, even if it’s the last thing you do.


You’ve recently found yourself single and must use this new loneliness as motivation to put yourself out there as much as possible, while also finding balance in your life. It’s not always easy but it will be beneficial in the long-run. As for those already with partners, your other half sometimes doesn’t listen to you and you feel an urge to control him or her. The atmosphere has also been tense at work but it will improve significantly in the coming weeks. Try to talk to your co-workers without getting angry.


Singles are always cautious when it comes to romance and intuitively know if someone will be the right fit or not. As for those already in relationships, listening and solidarity has been a pivotal part of your connection. It’s not always exciting, but it will prove to be helpful for a long-lasting relationship. You have also carried this communicative energy to work this week and will be important in several ongoing projects with your co-workers.


You sometimes exaggerate how you’re feeling about other people, because you fear that they’ll start looking for evidence of your love. For couples, dialogue is a cornerstone of your union and a bad mood is not part of your daily life. Professionally, if you’re given a daunting task and have trouble completing it, don’t be afraid to ask for some extra time.


Singles may find that a casual relationship has the potential to turn into deep attachment and love. If there’s potential in someone, you should see it through and entertain the possibility of love. For those already in relationships, it’s not always good to idolize your lover and make it seem like you have no other options. You should also tap into your business contacts at work this week in order to meet your goals, especially in terms of finances.


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