Your Weekly Horoscope for October 1st

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Singles have felt lonely as of late, but they’re not giving themselves opportunities to find love. They’re beginning to wonder if they have some responsibility over their own romantic lives. As for those already in relationships, instead of beating around the bush, it’s better to just address the issue directly. Good relationships are all about compromise and communication. Professionally, if you aren’t keeping an eye out for new opportunities, a new role or project might slip by, right under your nose.


You’re going to go on a date this week that will check off every box for you on paper, but you also want to know if you’re compatible for the long-haul! As for couples, you’ll have to put in some extra effort to make sure your love moves forward. Give back to your darling the same way in which he or she supports you. The holidays are so far away and you’re beginning to feel sluggish, but don’t let that hamper your productivity.


Singles decide to flirt in their professional circles first. There’s a great chance you’ll meet someone special, in which case you’ll go to work with a smile! For those already with partners, when everything is content in your relationship, you have a tendency to make up problems where they are none. A boost from Mars this week will have you working harder than ever. You’ll have all of the motivation you need to make it to the top.


Singles are sometimes afraid of love. If their feelings grow too quickly after one date, they fear getting let down or disappointed when it doesn’t pan out. As for those already in relationships, you’re so scared that he or she will leave you that you end up feeling alone, even when you’re together! Try to relax more and look on the positive side of things. Your ideas at work are also excellent but accept that it might take some time and patience for them to be put into action.


Play it as simple as possible if you don’t want to get hurt in your pursuit of love. Don’t get carried away with a new lover, because it’s better to figure out first if he or she is right for you. As for couples, if you want to receive more love, you have to be willing to also give it in return. Otherwise, you’ll always have trouble being satisfied in your relationship! You’ll also receive a lot of praise for your skills at work this week and might soon take on new responsibilities.


Venus and Jupiter will bring together your loved ones, who couldn’t be happier to support you in your efforts to improve your social life. For those already in relationships, you love to get upset over every small problem and that’s because you’re sometimes too negative. Your practical and pragmatic way of thinking will earn you concrete results at work this week.


Singles need to put a little effort into their love lives if they ever want anything to come out of it. Words of love and affirmation can really go a long way and it’s proof that it’s not so hard to open your heart to love. As for those already with partners, you finally get to talk to each other without filtering or censoring yourself. A huge weight will be lifted off of your shoulders and you two will be stronger than ever. With the hectic pace at work, you’ll complete your assignments quickly and efficiently.


Those who are doubtful that they’ll ever find true love focus too much on what’s wrong with a potential suitor. Positivity is not a fault so try to embrace it! As for those already in relationships, your other half does everything in his or her power to please you and make you happy. If you still feel abandoned, speak to your partner about your concerns! Professionally, the beautiful alliance between Venus and Jupiter will strengthen your charisma enough to reap the benefits at work.


Singles who are slowly falling in love realize it’s so much better than closing themselves up! On the other hand, for long-term relationships, don’t act too quickly before considering if this person has all of the qualities that you desire. For couples, you need to relax a little bit with your partner. The only problem is that you often relax easier with friends than with your other half. Be patient and it will come. The success and promotion you’ve been waiting for at work will arrive very soon.


If you end up finding someone who you really like, that’s great, but being in casual relationships puts you on edge. You’d rather know where you stand than play boyfriend-girlfriend with someone who’s not really serious about you. For those already with partners, your darling’s friends annoy you sometimes and you find that they interfere too much with your private life. There will also be a small miscommunication at work this week and you’ll have to find time to ask your boss for an explanation or more clarify. It’s tiring, but essential in order to move forward.


Be vigilant! Your future lover could be among the friends of friends, therefore you shouldn’t turn down any social invitation that comes your way. As for those already in relationships, you’re still excited about spending time with your lover but haven’t been able to fit it into your schedule. Your other half doesn’t appreciate your lack of effort! Professionally, the sun and Mars will give the ideal mindset to start an independent business if that strikes your fancy.


Other people seem seductive to you but you aren’t sure if you want something more. Think twice before turning someone down! As for couples you don’t like when your significant other makes decisions before consulting you first. Sometimes the love is so strong that you need to find compromises. Creativity, art, and communication are your forte, so don’t underutilize your skills at work.

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