Your Weekly Horoscope for September 17th



Singles have a difficult time getting their emotions in order. They fear that they might get hurt and in the process, close themselves up to vulnerability and relationships. For those already in relationships, you’re always more than willing to shower your partner with praise and affection, but sometimes you do too much! Let him or her pick up the slack sometimes. Professionally, the desire to do something new encourages you to tread into unknown lands with the intention of conquering all of your goals.


You may have someone who’s already completely in love with you but you aren’t sold yet. Keep your options open in order to find the right one for you. For couples, if your other half makes a mistake, don’t say “I told you so!” You might be rubbing salt into the wounds and he or she won’t take it well. Don’t give up on finding a new job as if all of the doors are already closed. Trust in the unpredictability of life.


Singles have recently been interested in someone new, but the only caveat is that he or she is in your professional realm. Wait to see before you make a move; there might be danger in mixing your personal life with your career. As for those already with partners, stop trying to be the one who gets the last word in during an argument. It can be exhausting for you both. Professionally, you’re free to lead your team in whatever way you choose, but don’t require so much from your co-workers. It can be exasperating living up to your expectations!


You find a new opportunity for love every week and your suitors always have a way to cheer you up! It’s important to feel self-confident but make sure you aren’t just keeping them around to bolster your spirits. For those already in relationships, if you’re serious about your darling, say your intentions without any hesitation. Career-wise, your pragmatism will help you triumph. A pinch of intuition and common sense will ensure that you’ll succeed on all fronts.


A single person can’t find grace in your eyes. If you’re looking for the perfect partner, you need to lower your expectations. You’ll never find love if you keep up the pickiness! As for couples, get rid of the notion that one person needs to have power in the relationship. Apart from hurting each other, that mentality won’t do much else. Professionally, you’ve been happy at work lately and as a result, your productivity and efforts have increased.


You’re happy to realize that you’re finally letting yourself see what else is out there and remain open to new relationships. This is a great time to flirt and have fun. As for those already with partners, you share everything with your lover, including laughs, hugs, and quality time. It’s also not as simple as doing a good job at work. Sometimes you have to put in the extra mile and mingle with your co-workers.


Singles are hoping for love at first sight and there’s a bright future in store for you when it comes to romance. As for those already in relationships, don’t be too possessive or invasive with your lover. Make sure that he or she knows that you trust completely. The winds are in your favor this week when it comes to your job. Success is out there and it’s just up to you to find it.


You’re content when it comes to finding love, but you also need to settle any entanglements from the past and start the new season on a fresh note. For couples, you listen to your darling and make sure to give him or her a lot of attention and it’s paying off a lot. Your partner is touched that you care this much! Your social life will also give you the opportunity to make new connections that will enrich your projects.


Singles will have beautiful encounters with a new person, but for the moment, you don’t want to make anything official. Think about why you’re hesitant to go public with your new flame. As for those already with partners, you’ll get more and more slammed with work this week. Between commuting, work, and sleep, you have time for little else, but thankfully the summer was fruitful for your relationship. Professionally, you love to pitch new ideas to your teammates and collaborators. Be sure to direct them with flexibility and firmness at the same time.


You’re so intriguing to anyone you meet that you can pretty much date whoever you want. As for couples, sticking to a routine has been a bit of a nuisance for you. Basking in the freedom of summer was nice and you wish you could continue that in your relationship into winter! Don’t let the extra workload get you down this week. Sometimes you have to put some extra hours in to succeed in your career.


You don’t have any time to spare to go out this week. There’s been tension and discord in your friendships for no particular reason, so you want to make sure your social life is at peace before looking for love. As for those already in relationships, it’s easy to just say you should break up every time you run into a problem, but think about everything practically before coming to a decision. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. If you want to get a leg up in your career, you might have to think about changing jobs or expressing your grievances to your boss.


Singles are so charming that they can seduce anyone without any difficulty or hesitation. It’s enchanting for your social life but make sure you’re spending time with the right people! As for couples, your mood has been so positive lately that it’s led to a uplifting atmosphere in your relationship. You also have a prospect to change positions in your career and if it’s something that intrigues you, don’t be afraid to take a chance.


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