Your Weekly Horoscope for July 16th

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Singles are feeling wary of suitors this week. They want to be approached by strangers but want to know their intentions before setting up a date. As for those already in relationships, combine your strengths with your partner’s and come up with a shared vision for your future together. Professionally, a project that you’ve been working on for some time is finally picking up speed before summer vacation.


You’ve already decided that you won’t be caught alone sun-bathing or lounging on the beach. You’re making every effort possible to strike up a new connection during the summer holiday. As for couples, the sun in Cancer will bring you positivity and good news, especially if you’ve been waiting for a long-term commitment from your darling. Career-wise, be careful when it comes to making important decisions this week and weigh all of your options before giving an answer.


With the warm weather and finally getting to bare a little skin, singles are excited to mingle with new people and to show off! Don’t do anything that you’ll regret later! As for those already with partners, you’re feeling less overwhelmed by family obligations and children so it’s been more harmonious between you two. If you want something when it comes to your career, Geminis know that they’ll get it by any means necessary.


You won’t be alone for long, not if your friends have anything to do with it. You’ll be set up on dates by mutual friends in no time. As for couples, a surprise upcoming trip will make you two super happy and bring back excitement to your love life. Professionally, you have your chance to sign your name on a very promising project and now is the right time to explore new career options.


There’s no need to put your flag down at this time. You’ve been having so much fun meeting new people and going on dates that you already feel fulfilled without a relationship. For couples, this time in your life favors motherhood or fatherhood and you’ve been thinking about starting a family with your partner. A new project coming up this week will be very important for your career.


Even though your confidence has always helped your love life, don’t act as if no one would ever turn you down. You might find yourself embarrassed by a beautiful person who won’t return your affections! As for those already in relationships, you’re worried about your lover and will use your nurturing personality to try to help him or her. Professionally, you’re becoming more aware of your talents and want to explore them in a more lucrative and evolutionary way.


You might like going out on a lot of dates, but if you’re accompanied by a close friend, make sure he or she doesn’t get offended and think you’re always ditching your friends for a potential new suitor. For those already with partners, your lover doesn’t like that you stay out all night with your friends and party late into the evening. Mercury this week will also allow you to be more communicative, opening exciting new horizons for you.


Live your life to the fullest, sip cocktails by the pool, and take in all of the beautiful people that pass by. Summer is the best time to flirt and live adventurously. For those already in relationships, your darling has been taking such good care of you lately, especially with all of the added pressure from work. A new job offer might interest you this week, but you’ll have to study the conditions and negotiate to make sure you’re getting the most possible from the promotion.


Singles this summer have a libido unlike anything they’ve experienced before, but don’t just land in anybody’s bed! Be careful about who you choose to spend your time with. As for couples, your imagination has you dreaming of your future with your partner, and thanks to your planning abilities, you’re on the right track to make it a reality. Professionally, Mercury will increase your popularity with your co-workers and your new ideas will be accepted with very little conflict.


You’ll have to contact someone this week who you still feel somewhat attached to. Even though you know it’s never going to work out with a former flame, you need to make sure and get closure. As for those already with partners, you’ve decided to move in with your other half and embark on a new journey together before the summer holiday. Saturn will also help you retain the lessons from a past mistake at work and you’ll be able to move forward without any guilt.


A friendly relationship will take an unexpected romantic turn. Go with your intuition and let the connection take off. It could prove to be very positive for your love life! As for those already in relationships, you’ve been avoiding conflict caused by a third party and feel really proud that you didn’t let the drama dampen your love. An unexpected financial return has also lifted the burden off your shoulders this week.


A nice surprise awaits you this week and will allow you to meet new people with your guard completely down. Feel happy that people will finally love you for who you really are. For couples, you’ve been finding yourself sulking more than usual this week for no reason. Don’t jump down his or her neck before thinking about whether or not a a fight is worth it! Professionally, you’re finding yourself on top of the world thanks to a combination of circumstances. Enjoy the prosperity and good luck!

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