Your Weekly Horoscope for June 11th

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It’s true that there isn’t anything more comforting or familiar than going back to an ex, but think wisely before you act on an impulse. Remember why you two split up in the first place because it must have been for a good reason! For those already in relationships, you’ve been in a pampering mood lately and your partner is reaping all of the benefits. All of the extra quality time spent together is doing wonders for your relationship. Professionally, you might want to think about being more organized with your schedule. With so many tasks to complete at once, it’s a miracle you get anything done at all!


Singles are picky this week about who you want to spend time with. You’d prefer to remain alone rather than be in bad company! For couples, you’ve never felt as close to your partner as you do right now. There’s plenty of laughter and humor in your relationship and it’s comforting for the future you have together. You also want to succeed so badly at your job that you’re willing to work late nights and push yourself to the limit.


You don’t know whether or not you should be looking for love, but you might just find it in the most unexpected of places. As for those already with partners, if you want more time and attention from your significant other, all you have to do is ask! He or she is just waiting for you to make your emotions and needs known. There will also be some conflict between you and your boss this week at work. Because administrative services aren’t your forte, put in some extra effort to stay on top of your workload.


You’ve been in a very romantic mood as of late. It’s been such a long time since you’ve been in love that you were beginning to lose hope! Finally, you’ll meet a charming suitor this week who will capture your affections. As for those already in relationships, you need to bring out your sexy and seductive side to spice things up with your partner. Don’t get complacent and let the spark die down! For work, don’t allow your co-workers slack off just because it’s nearing the summer holiday. You have enough on your own plate without managing others.


If you don’t let more of your vulnerable side show through, no one will dare approach you or ask you out! It’d be a shame because of all of your high hopes on finding love this summer. As for couples, put your pride on the back burner and stop being so stubborn in your arguments with your partner. You risk pushing him or her away by not compromising. Professionally, you’ll have to play it cool at work this week, so that your boss won’t reject a project you recently pitched.


You might start looking at a friend in a new light, but why not give it a shot? It’s better to try and fail than to let fear stop you from love. As for those already with partners, what you want most out of a relationship is a calm and beautiful connection. You’re doing everything in your power to make sure things go smoothly between you two. You also have a lot of stress at work this week, but you’re also on the right road to success.


Singles will feel overwhelmed by work and family obligations this week and won’t have a chance to even think about romance. For those already in relationships, you’ve been pampering your partner and he or she feels content, but you’re beginning to wonder if this relationship is enough for you. Don’t depend on novelty to keep your bond alive. You’ll also encounter a few professional problems, but you’ll be able to get everything under control.


You’re open to finding love, and as long as you keep accepting any invitations that come your way, you’ll find your special someone very soon! As for couples, you and your partner are having a great time getting coffee with friends and strengthening your connections with other people. Keep it up! It’s not easy for you at work at the moment because your boss always wants more from you.


Go against your primary nature and don’t trust every person you run into. Some don’t have the purest of intentions and you want to be careful about who you let control your heart. As for those already with partners, you’re convinced that your other half is hiding something from you, but there’s no way to know for sure without invading his or her privacy. Is finding out worth ruining what you have? Don’t hesitate to take some extra time for relaxation and schedule time with friends after work this week.


Cupid is aiming his arrow at you and the fires of love will soon take over. Don’t be afraid to get into a relationship, even if the prospect of being vulnerable is scary to you at first. For those already in relationships, you prefer one-on-one time with your significant other as opposed to outings with your friends or family members. Fortunately, your partner is on the same page as you and is thrilled to spend time with only you. Professionally, a huge workload will force you to work overtime this week, but you’ll be satisfied with the end result.


There’s no question that you’ve been feeling lonely, but you’re not willing to admit that to yourself, let alone anyone else. It’s okay to be honest and admit that you’re craving some extra affection in your life. For those already with partners, you feel bored by your usual routine and want to embark on new adventures with your darling. You’re also succeeding at work on all fronts and it’s putting you in an excellent mood!


You’re so full of charm and grace that no one can seem to resist you. Make sure to use this charisma to your advantage. As for those already in relationships, you’re happy to see your other half is doing everything in his or her power to integrate you into the family. It’s important to get close to your partner’s loved ones. Professionally, you have confidence in your skills, but you still feel the need to prove yourself at work.

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