Prada Reimagines the Concept Of the Fashion Campaign


According to a statement from Prada today, the Italian house helmed by Miuccia Prada is reimagining the its fashion campaigns by “challenging convention and freed from creative boundaries.” Titled 365, the new concept tells a story using multiple narratives as opposed to a singular story of collection. In keeping with the mood of the times, the new concept is meant to mimic reality as opposed to creating a fantasy. If you use the success of street style and fashion blogging as a model, this has proven to be a better method of selling clothing. Though the aesthetic of the campaign, photographed by Willy Vanderperre, isn’t centered around those visuals, it does place the collection in a series of real-life settings, like the beach and various parts of an office building.

The release tells us, “Modernity is found in this plurality: it is a reaction to the moment, to humanity, to life. The complexity of imagery reflects the complexity of reality. There is always more than one point of view.” Again, appealing to humanity does seem to reflect the popular viewpoints of today. A film starring Jude Law will follow the release of Prada’s new campaign imagery—stay tuned.

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