Beyond the Trend: White Denim


Denim is one of those quintessentially American things originally ushered into popular culture by the working class back in 1873. A few copper rivets here and there by original designers Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss and the blue jean was born as the all-American uniform. By the ’30s, jeans became a fashion statement and slowly, teens began hopping onto the movement. Blue jeans became a symbol of rebellion against the status quo of formal dress, leading to blue jeans being banned in public schools and certain places that required a strict dress code. Teens began getting creative with their jeans, introducing new styles and washes like white jeans. Since then, brilliant optic white jeans have become a summertime staple as a chic, warm weather option or a winter white alternative for your favorite pair of blue jeans. In honor of Labor Day and its love-hate history with white, CR is giving you a bit of inspiration from some of the most iconic white jean moments from legendary throwbacks, to present day, and everything in-between.

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