Beyond the Trend: Moiré


In a rare crossroads of natural, scientific, historical and fashionable occurrences, the moiré („mwa-ray“) pattern is one of those transcendental focal points of fashion that has an extraordinary history beyond just the fashion industry. The moiré pattern in terms of physics is defined as a wave interference pattern in which two waves superpose to create a new, unique pattern. This concept was translated into fashion during Medieval times as a luxurious hand-made fabric among the bourgeois. What’s special about moiré is the distinctive pattern: not only can it never be reproduced the same way ever again, but moiré patterns have the ability to visually change depending on the surroundings of the wearer. As one of the most dynamic patterns in fashion, it has a strange shared history between the great mathematicians and couturiers. CR is here to help debunk the extensive past behind this 2019 trend.

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createdAt:Fri, 10 May 2019 18:32:15 +0000