Rare Photos of Miuccia Prada


Before she helmed her multi-billion dollar namesake brand and its subsidiary Miu Miu, Miuccia Prada was born Maria Bianchi on May 10, 1949 in Milan, Italy. Prada was originally believed to be an unlikely inheritor of her grandfather’s unisex leather and luggage good company marketed towards Milanese elite. As a young adult, Prada was politically motivated as member of the Italian communist party and an ardent feminist, she went on to invest in her studies earning a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Milan. After school, Prada became a professional mime for five years of her life at Teatro Piccolo before her entrance into the fashion world in 1978. Though Prada’s entry into the fashion world was non-traditional, she slowly became one of the backbones of the fashion industry. Her smart, minimalist designs met with practically and playfulness is a cocktail only Prada can provide. Dodging the media, Prada rarely poses for pictures or comments on her collections due to her press-shy personality. Honoring her 70th birthday celebration, CR looks back at a rare visual history of one of fashion’s most elusive and influential women.

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