What to Wear When Attending a Bachelorette Party in Vegas


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Just like you’re not obliged to sport a floppy hat and fringe to a music festival, you don’t actually have to don the traditional tacky accouterments (mostly of the plastic genitalia variety) in the inevitable instance your presence is requested at a raucous bachelorette party in Sin City. With wedding season upon us, there’s no better time to prep your wardrobe for a wildly fun girls’ weekend filled with debauchery and stories to last a lifetime.

Originally known as “hen parties” and following on the tradition of pre-wedding, all-male gatherings (i.e. bachelor parties), bachelorette parties have come quite a long way since their inception in the late 1800s, when tea and gossip were the preferred celebratory props. In 1940, Eleanor Roosevelt famously hosted a Christmas-themed hen party at the White House, inviting cabinet wives and ladies of the press. (You can likely assume there was nary a male stripper at that one.) But it wasn’t until the Sexual Revolution in the ‘60s that these fetes became what they are today: evenings of drunken liberation flanked by close-knit female friendship. Though cities like Austin, Charleston, and Nashville have become increasingly popular bachelorette destinations, Las Vegas remains the ultimate hub for brides-to-be and their slews of pals. Fortunately, you can prance the Strip chicly thanks to CR’s shopping guide, below.

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