What to Wear When Taking in the Culture of Montréal


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Fifty years ago, John Lennon and Yoko Ono celebrated their marriage in the form of a non-violent protest against the Vietnam War. Known as the „Bed-Ins for Peace,“ the duo spent one week sitting in bed in Amsterdam and another in Montréal. The idea was derived from sit-in-style protests and became one of the most significant moments in American culture. Not only was it made into a documentary, but the act has been reimagined by numerous artists over the years and referenced by bands and fellow musicians like Oasis, Marcy Playground, Linkin Park, and Jhené Aiko, who reinterpreted it with Childish Gambino on the cover artwork for her 2013 single „Bed Peace.“

The incident has also been forever imprinted in Montréal’s history, thanks to the erection of an artwork displaying „Give Peace a Chance“ in 40 languages, which sits in the Canadian city’s famous Mount Royal Park. Lennon and Ono were originally supposed to stage the second leg of their protest in New York City, but thanks to Lennon’s marijuana conviction the year prior, he wasn’t allowed in the U.S. The couple spent seven days at the cosmopolitan Queen Elizabeth Hotel in tony downtown Montréal, surrounded by signs that read, „Hair Peace“ and „Bed Peace“ with visits from prominent friends like Allen Ginsberg, Tommy Smothers, and Timothy Leary, to name a few. In honor of the legendary duo’s golden anniversary this month, consider a trip to the culturally rich city in Québec by shopping CR’s picks below.

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