Beyond the Trend: Tie-Dye


For the past few seasons, tie-dye has appeared on spring and fall runways in fresh and versatile ways, playing on various decades of the enduring print. It is is most synonymous with the 1960s, when the vibrant colors blended to embody the free-spirited and eccentric hippie lifestyle. The practice and technique of tie-dyeing developed long before then, however, as various cultures across Asia, Africa, and the Americas employed similar techniques for naturally dyeing textiles as early as the sixth century. Millenia later, tie-dye became the zeitgeist of the 1960s, becoming a trend taken up by musicians that defined the countercultural style of the decade. It continued to live on the fringes of the 1970s disco era, and rose again in the 1980s and ’90s as colorful and bold style that teens gravitated towards. CR looks at tie-dye on catwalks and beyond, to points in history and pop culture defined by the abstract dye.

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