What to Wear When Touring India


Jet-setting across the seven seas, or simply swapping neighborhood spots, What To Wear When is your weekly column for shopping inspiration.

The most iconic sister duo of all time, Jackie Kennedy and Lee Radziwill both led lives that were idyllic, but fraught with drama. Throughout the heartbreak and loss, the siblings remained impeccably dressed in and out of the public eye. In fact, Radziwill often served as the de facto stylist to Kennedy, especially for her many official White House appearances alongside President John F. Kennedy Jr.

So grab your stylish sister (or closest friend) and make like the Bouviers, with a glam trip to India. The year was 1962 and Kennedy wore 22 different outfits on her whirlwind tour from Banaras to Udaipur, from tours of the Taj Mahal and during a polo match; it’s estimated that she changed no less than five times during the day she spent in New Delhi.

Amid the vibrant colors of India, Radziwill and Kennedy kept their wardrobes true to a pastel color scheme, even atop a painted elephant during their time in Jaipur. It’s a tactic well worth adopting for your next cross country tour, especially as a way to combat the standard steamy forecasts.

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