Parisian Bridal Designer Delphine Manivet Launches E-Commerce

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Delphine Manivet’s elegant bridal wear has built a dedicated following in her hometown of Paris. Rooted in her traditional training (Delphine spent her formative years on Rochas’ Haute Couture team), her heirloom approach to wedding skirts, gowns, jumpsuits, and headpieces have made her 2nd Arrondissement studio a one-stop shop for French brides in search of a timeless look. For the last 11 years, any international bride hoping for the same experience had to be willing to book a flight and board a plane—until today, when Manivet pushed its new e-commerce website live.

The surprise launch comes after an overwhelming number of brides-to-be contacted the brand, asking how they could buy, ship, try-on, and wear any number of its pieces in readiness for their big day. “We receive countless emails from clients trying to find a retail location for our dresses,“ said the brand’s general manager, Claire Vigier in a press release for the news. “Launching our own e-commerce platform was the natural next step for the brand in order for us to reach all of our potential customers and future brides…The e-commerce platform will help us cater to these requests while creating a global platform for the brand and our very unique savoir-faire.“

On the site, you’ll find more traditional, white wedding-fare along with a handful of more colorful options from the designer’s most recent ready-to-wear collection. Any bride looking for a bespoke design will still need to get on Manivet’s exclusive wait list and make the trip to Paris.

The e-shop launch is the first part of a two-step plan by the brand for an increased presence in America over the forthcoming year. In the same release, it announced plans to open a New York showroom in March 2017.

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