Terry Richardson’s „Skinny“ Book


This Friday, Terry Richardson will unveil a new book at Dover Street Market New York, published by art-house publisher Idea. His most intimate body of work to date, the volume is dedicated to Richardson’s partner Alex, who goes by the nickname of Skinny—which is also the title of the book. The hardback edition covers a total of 168 pages and essentially tells Terry and Alex’s love story, from their first vacation together to the birth of their twin boys Rex and Roman only five months ago. Sentimental and touching, but still humorous and—at times—confrontational, Skinny stays true to Richardson’s raw photographic style while also being quite unlike anything he has ever published before.

“I was very excited to get to share a document of a part of my life that most people rarely see,” said the photographer in a statement. “Even though these images are very personal, I think that anyone who has ever been in a relationship will recognize a lot of the circumstances and emotions depicted here, which I think makes its universal as well. Certainly it is one of my favorite books I have ever made—I mean, how many books have two happy endings!”

Skinny by Terry Richardson will be released this Friday, September 9th at Dover Street Market New York. A limited print run of one thousand copies will be available to purchase and Terry will be on hand in store from 6-8pm to sign each and every one.

Scroll through for a first glimpse at the new book.


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