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Female Artists Come Together to Protect Planned Parenthood –

Female Artists Come Together to Protect Planned Parenthood

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As America’s new president settles into the White House, many women feel threatened given his controversial actions against reproductive rights. Along with a promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Donald Trump has already signed an order to ban government funding of Planned Parenthood and yesterday, the House of Representatives passed a piece of legislature called Resolution 7, which will deny insurers the legal right to cover abortions. The moves are unsettling for many reasons—not least for all those who rely on Planned Parenthood for STD checks and cancer screenings—but they also serve as a galvanizing reminder that now is not the time to give up hope. Building on the momentum of the millions who came together for the Women’s March on Washington and its “Sister Marches” around the world last weekend, there are many ways that like-minded people can pull together and effect change.

One such example is a new campaign called 10 Actions for the First 100 Days, which outlines a new, easily-achievable goal for the first hundred days of Donald Trump’s presidency. Another is a recent benefit launched by a new coalition of 90-plus female artists called By Their Fruits. Organized in collaboration with online auctioneer Paddle8, the group’s members are selling over 100 original works of art to financially protect the at-risk services of Planned Parenthood. Included in the sale is work by leading fashion photography coalition members Ellen Von Unwerth and Pamela Hanson, as well as Mary Rozzi, Sonya Farrell, Cara Marie Piazza, and sculptor, Darya Diamond. Some works, like Elsa Flike’s ‘Protect My Body From Donald Trump Dreamcatcher,’ have been created especially for the charity event.

Sign up for 10 Actions for the First 100 Days here and bid on works from By Their Fruits‘ Planned Parenthood auction from now until February 1st at 5pm Eastern Standard Time at

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