The Skate Wear Label That Found Its Roots In Workwear

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After just one year, the workwear slash skate-inspired brand called Peels NYC can be found on the backs of skateboarders, models, and editors all over the city. Founded by Jerome Peel in 2015, the first shirt he ever made was for his dad to wear to his day job as a painter in West Palm Beach. Ever since, Peel has only been gaining momentum—he’s expanded to outwear and accessories, and has secured space at cool retailers in both NYC and Tokyo. But the bigger he gets, the more intent he is on keeping the brand personal, with a homemade touch. In this one-on-one with CR fashion editor Ben Perreira, the designer weighs in on how a gift for his dad turned into a semi streetwear phenomenon.

BP: Why Peels?

JP: So basically, I was going to make my dad a gift – a shirt, for his painting company.

BP: Is it actually called Peels Painting?

JP: Yeah exactly. It was intended to be used for his company, and to make his little company seem just a little more professional. He’s the only one in the company, the only painter. It’s just him. He’s pretty poor, but he’s super happy – that’s something I’ve always looked up to. It’s just a crazy way to be raised, in which you appreciate everything”.

BP: Did you start with the work shirt or a t-shirt?

JP: My first idea was to have a t-shirt actually, but then I saw the work shirt and I just knew he was going to love that. When I gave it to him, he didn’t know what to say. He treated it like a prized possession and said he couldn’t work in it. Now he’s pretty stocked though.

BP: Is the new jacket a collaboration with a brand?

JP: Nope, just us. I actually get the shirts and the jackets from my dad’s supplier actually. We order wholesale from his company, so I’m sure they think he has a huge company full of employees.

BP: And the embroidery?

JP: I got kind of lucky. I went on eBay, and bought an entry level embroidery machine. It had some problems, took a bit to figure out. Screwed with it for a while, got it running and now we do all the embroidery in the basement.

BP: I love your pink shirt, it’s your most popular right?

JP: Yeah it is – and work shirt are so limited on colors. You’re intended to work in them of course, so they’re not going to have pink. So we took the white shirts and started hand dying them in Brooklyn.

BP: And next?

JP: We’ve got some pretty big goals. But, I want to keep it small and close to the family. I want to keep it special to each person buying one. I touch every single shirt sold right now, and want to keep it that way – I don’t want to hire someone really. My girlfriend Sarah (Brannon) and I do all the work, and I love it that way. I want to stay true.

Sarah Brannon And Meghan Collison Wear All Clothing (Throughout) Peels NYC

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