Zegna Gets a Makeover


Founded in the mountains of Northern Italy, Piedmont by Ermenegildo Zegna, the owner of a small wool mill in 1910, Zegna has become a staple in the Italian fashion world. Known for creating some of the finest menswear on the market, the brand has become pervasive a symbol of Italian craftsmanship the world over. However, after 110 years, it is adapting its storied past to the modern era. With a new logo and the expectation to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the near future, it is rebranding itself while still staying true to its roots in Piedmont.

The fresh new logo sees the “Zegna” name appear in a bold, striking font under an orange and black double-stripe band. This band is meant to represent a road, a powerful symbol for the house that pays homage to its origins. In particular, it refers to the 232 road that Ermenegildo built roughly 110 years ago in the mountains of Northern Italy, which, at the time, was no more than a barren, rocky landscape. Along this road, which led to his wool mill, he constructed a community based around his foray into entrepreneurship and craftsmanship. Simply put, the new logo represents Zegna’s forward-moving journey, as it embarks on a monumental and modernizing road trip from Italy to New York. It both celebrates this leap forward for the brand while upholding the enduring values of the Ermenegildo Zegna Group, led by Gildo Zegna, third generation of the family, as CEO.

The double-stripe signifier and new Zegna logo are slated to be unveiled alongside a purposeful collection on December 3. This collection will honor the outdoors and winter sports in another meaningful tribute to the label’s roots in the Piedmont mountains. From then on, the new and remodeled logo will feature in every subsequent collection and will serve as the sign of the brand retail network to be globally completed within 2022. So, with this rebranding, Zegna will both further and retain its connection to Northern Italy, and truly become a label that is as historic as it is forward-thinking.


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