Check Out Etro and Harris Reed’s Collaborative Capsule Collection

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Veronica Etro and up-and-coming British designer Harris Reed, known for gender-fluid designs, have launched a new capsule collection where the two brands explore the dichotomy of the house’s styles utilizing Etro’s iconic archival prints. Reed worked with Etro to create a new, genderless silk blouse using these fabrics.

In classic paisley and floral prints, which are iconic prints of Etro, the blouses are billowy and create movement, with a timeless slouchy bow at the neck to round out and polish the look.

Veronica Etro states, “I love the idea of giving a new life to archival fabrics by transforming them into exclusive ‘one-of-a-kind’ creations.” The idea of this collaboration, the use of Etro’s fabrics and Reed’s designs to create a melding of the two brands that manifest into regal blouses.

The limited-edition capsule collection is now available exclusively on and

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