Valentino Enters the Vintage Fashion Market

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The past few years have witnessed a dramatic rise in the popularity of vintage shopping. As we have all become more aware of our collective pension for over-consumption, there has been a great emphasis put on buying second-hand clothing and extending the lifespan of lightly-used garments to keep them out of landfills for a little while longer. Thus, along with this environmentalist perspective on fashion came a new and specific appreciation for the clothing and styles of the past. Now, the long-standing Italian house Valentino is making its first foray into the vintage fashion game with its Valentino Vintage program and re-engaging with its past in a novel and environmentally conscious way.

The brand has indicated that its project will unfold in two phases. Phase one will begin on October 27th, at which point a page on the website will be activated providing all the information necessary to give a second life to vintage Valentino garments. On the site, participants can access the contact page of the respective Vintage Stores participating in this initiative and, from there, request an appraisal of their Valentino garments.

After this, the customer can present their garment directly to the Vintage Store of their choosing or, for a digital appraisal, send a photo of the item to that’s tore. If the garment is appraised positively, the store will send an email to the client inviting them to set up an appointment offering a price range for the garment. Then, the participant will go to their appointment, where the definitive appraisal will be made and, if the client accepts the valuation, in return for giving in the garment, they will receive a credit with the amount determined by the Vintage Store. The credit will be in the form of a voucher that the customer will be able to spend in the Valentino boutique associated with the selected Vintage Store.

Following this process, phase two of the Valentino Vintage program will start on a particular day TBA in January 2022. At this point, the specific Vintage Stores will begin selling their acquired selections of vintage Valentino garments. Therefore, with this new program, the Milan-based brand will celebrate its rich history in a way that honors the future. By encouraging customers to engage with the garments of the past, it is demonstrating its commitment to improving its environmental impact in a new and thoughtful way.

Click here to participate in the Valentino Vintage program.

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