Burberry Brings the Outdoors In-Store with their Latest Pop-Ups

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Although it has evolved over the years, the iconic British house Burberry will always have its roots in the realm of outerwear. This began in 1856 when founder Thomas Burberry invented

the gabardine fabric and used it to create a range of jackets and coats, including the brand’s iconic trench. Thus, from the very start, Burberry has been a house with a pioneering spirit, committed to helping people embrace their natural surroundings and explore new spaces.

Today, Burberry is actively continuing that freedom-seeking tradition, as it unveils the second chapter of its Open Spaces campaign as well as the launch of its Imagined Landscape pop-ups. The Imagined Landscape pop-ups will see a series of inspirational pop-ups opened across the globe to celebrate the brand’s legendary outerwear. They are to be revealed at several stores including, Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, as well as Burberry locations in Soho, Rodeo Drive, Michigan Avenue, and Troy.

The physical layout of the stores will feature topographic mirrored sculptures set against several environmental images from the Open Spaces campaign. Additionally, they will function as miniature exhibitions where retail will come into direct contact with a social media experience, which customers will be able to unlock through QR codes at select locations. Essentially, the pop-ups will communicate an ethereal, ephemeral, and futuristic aesthetic, all the while connecting clients with the natural world, the setting on which Burberry has constructed its now-ubiquitous identity.

The Open Spaces campaign, which will accompany these pop-ups, actively communicates the brand’s dual commitment to its outdoors-oriented heritage and technological innovation. Simply put, it is an homage to freedom of creativity and in physical exploration.

For this campaign, Burberry Creative Director Riccardo Tisci collaborated on the creative direction with French videographer group Megaforce and British photographer Ewen Spencer to bring this freedom-oriented vision to life. Set against the awe-inspiring beauty of the British countryside, it sees four individuals wandering through seemingly endless fields, until they suddenly take flight and begin flying over the landscape. Both the imagery and narrative of the campaign evoke an unbridled sense of liberation and urge the viewer to deny convention.

This theme of freedom seems particularly pertinent in our present state, as the world begins to open up and we all begin to feel a collective sense of release. With its Open Spaces campaign and Imaged Landscape pop-ups, Burberry simultaneously plays into this current sentiment and honors its past. “Freedom allows us to be creative, to dream, to be anything or anyone” Tisci said. “Burberry, like me, has had freedom at its heart since the very beginning. This campaign celebrates the fearless spirit of exploration which connects us with one another and the natural world. It’s about pushing boundaries and pursuing endless possibilities – looking to the future and connecting us all.”

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