Loewe Takes the Amazona Bag Around the World

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The 1970s were a pivotal time for women’s rights. The decade witnessed a greater number of women becoming more integrated into the workplace, as well as significant activism pushing for women’s equality on all fronts. In response to the changing place of women in society, in 1975, the famed Spanish fashion house Loewe launched their iconic Amazona bag. With its handled style, it was the perfect bag for the working woman, as it held everything needed over the course of a day at the office.

Now, with the house’s 175th anniversary, creative director Jonathan Anderson has reimagined the Amazona and presented it in a diverse campaign featuring a cast of some of the world’s most impressive creatives of today. Shot around the world by, German fashion photographer Juergen Teller, it sees the likes of Gillian Anderson, Arca, Justin Vivian Bond, Jamie Clayton, Úrsula Corberó, Tracee Ellis Ross, Anthea Hamilton, HyunA, Susanna Moore, Nabhaan Rizwan, Mika Schneider and Liu Wen donning the legendary bag as well as dynamic garments from previous collections. Teller’s portraiture is distinct, playful, and raw, highlighting each subject’s unique aesthetic and personality. Further, it emphasizes the natural and vibrant character of Loewe’s present identity.

The bag, presented as part of the Fall/Winter 2021 runway collection, has been reimagined in three different shapes, the Amazona 19 Square, the Amazona 28, and the upcoming Amazona 23 for Spring/Summer 2022, all of which feature in the campaign. Each is available in nappa calfskin and the house’s signature Anagram jacquard, with a fully-functional padlock sealing the style.

Thus, with this new global campaign, Loewe opens a new era for the Amazona bag. From its feminist origins in the 1970s, it is now a bag meant for everyone and anyone, regardless of style, occupation, or gender.

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