Every Look From Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2022

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Jil Sander designers Lucie and Luke Meier, who welcomed a baby girl in June, invite a new awakening in their Spring/Summer 2022 collection inspired by the energy that is found in tension and powerful sensitivity. The designers identify with the word “eclectic” in both vision and value, in an idea of forward movement and plurality where the clothes don’t take themselves too seriously. Spring/Summer 2022 presented a range of elegant and abstract tailoring, where hand-painted velvet tiger stripes coexist with subtle palettes and structures, and square jackets pair with soft trousers, in looks that are rich in design but still breathe as minimal.

The silhouettes change from look to look, varying in fabrics, treatments and details, that a focus on textures and knitwear which showcases the brand’s creative invention and artisanal handcraft. Cotton and chenille are crocheted together in contrasting colors to create a new spongey texture for collared dresses (look 10), and the natural Italian and Japanese fabrics of velvet moiré, silk, paper, viscose, double-faced cotton, and double-faced wool are employed in a sophisticated and explorative experience.

Colors of mostly pastel tones of peach, green, cream, and white, along with dark accents, evolve from the brands once monotone palette, where a modern bouclé suit is made in the fresh green shade (look 10), and sequin accents and paisley swirls lean into the collections playful vantage point. The LFW show also introduced the new Cannolo Bag, shaped cylindrically as to update and refine the baguette bag trend, that appears in rich neutrals of white, burgundy, caramel, and black.

The Meiers stated about the range,”To see clearly, we need the lights and sounds around us to be soft, to feel comfortable and to carefully use the power and sensitivity that we have in us. Far from perfect, we can always look forward, with as little filter as possible. We are plural, nocturnal, and luminous; feminine, masculine, vulnerable and strong; and we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. We are in motion.”

View every look from Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2022 below.

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