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A simple bandaid on the arm is not enough. Courtesy of Maison Valentino, vaccination status can now be displayed alongside designer status — and for a great cause. In collaboration with UNICEF, the luxury house has launched a limited edition hoodie featuring the word „Vaccinated“ in place of the classic Valentino logo. A seamless transition, oh-so-punny.

Looks familiar? You’ve probably already seen the piece modeled by the brand’s Creative Director, Pierpaolo Piccioli, this past August on Instagram, and Lady Gaga soon after. Valentino’s release of the product is no surprise, as requests poured in nonstop after Gaga’s and Piccioli’s posts.

However, the sweatshirt worn by the pair was actually not original to the Valentino design team, but rather Cloney — an L.A. based clever knockoff brand of sorts. Back in February, the mischievous company released the exact hoodie being sold by Valentino now, and to Cloney’s surprise: Piccioli bought the first five created to gift to his inner circle (as well as himself).

Launching today, the official Valentino version retails for 0. 100 percent of the profits will be donated to Covax, a UNICEF organization that accelerates the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, treatment, and testing.

„As a brand we are proud to play a role in using our shared voice to collect resources in a commitment to promote positive change,“ shared the Maison’s CEO Jacopo Venturini in a statement. „Valentino together with UNICEF global Covax Program is working to guarantee equal access to the vaccine by accelerating its reach in countries where it is not widely accessible.”

„Freedom must always be protected, and we must all fight for freedom but respecting others: the freedom to be ourselves, the freedom of thought, the freedom of love, the freedom to express and fight for our own ideas,“ expressed Pierpaolo Piccioli. „Unfortunately, not all countries have equal access to COVID-19 vaccines. With this collaboration, Valentino supports UNICEF in the delivery efforts of life-saving COVID-19 vaccines.“

Dress like Lady Gaga, show off your vaccination, and help others fight COVID. A win-win.

Valentino’s „[V] Vaccinated“ hoodie currently sold online at

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