Every Look from Coach Spring/Summer 2022


After more than a year of being under COVID restrictions and only able to wear our fabulous clothes around the house, there is now an overwhelming desire to step out in our best and brightest garments. For Spring/Summer 2022, Stuart Vevers and the Coach team spoke to that sentiment and presented to a collection that was very wearable, but incredibly fun.

The 47 look show saw a diverse range of garments traipse down the runway, all set and ready to go for spring. There were several looks, featuring grey t-shirts with the Coach name or the pgrase “Super Grump” printed across the front and denim or tartan shorts, which spoke to the current obsession with the oversized. Additionally, several large leather jackets in a wide variety of vibrant colors were presented, speaking to the house’s history of specializing in fine leather goods. However, perhaps the most shocking looks were the novel suits in bright colors and bold, classic patterns. One example of this came in the form of a neon green, yellow, and orange matching pencil skirt, jacket, and baseball cap.

This season, Vevers and Coach presented a collection that played to both the daring and safe crowds. Essentially, there was something for everyone to enjoy as he not only showcased pieces that spoke to the house’s specialties and used more classic styles, but also garments that related to present fashion trends. But, the vibrant color palette ensured that all Coach customers, whether bold or reserved, have fun and enjoy their regained freedoms in these pieces.


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