Every Look from Michael Kors Collection Spring/Summer 2022

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Michael Kors is the undeniable king of the classics. Every year he consistently designs quality pieces that feel as though they could be kept and worn for a lifetime, and never go out of style. As one would assume, his Spring/Summer 2021 collection only continued this trend.

The show featured 65 looks that were all chic and simple in design and fairly subdued in color. An array of dresses, suits, skirts, and jackets epitomized spring elegance and looked picture-perfect for an American spring garden party. Perhaps the best example of this aesthetic was a white midi three-piece skirt suit with a pencil skirt, bralette, and jacket in a white lace fabric. The show closed with a series of garments more suited to evening events. Specifically, four black sequined dresses breezed down the runway and made one excited at the prospect of attending a gala or black-tie event in the near future.

However, there were a couple of moments where Kors seemed to step out of his comfort zone and play into current trends. Perhaps the best examples of this were the oversized, monochromatic suit and trench looks. The first was a short suit in a muted bubblegum pink, whereas the latter featured longer pants and was a powder blue hue. With both, the garments seemed to flow freely and the trenches billowed behind the models, referencing the present popularity of larger, shapeless silhouettes.

Needless to say, this collection is a fine example of what Michael Kors does best: clean, refined, and timeless. As the world screams forward at a shocking speed and we constantly bounce from trend to trend, his classic pieces are refreshing. They remind us to slow down and remember how important the basics are and how elegance will never go out of style.

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