Slacks Are The New Going Out Look


Time to raid dad’s closet again. Kicked off with the oversized blazer and button-down obsession, traditional men’s nine-to-five uniforms have officially been poached by supermodels and cool girls worldwide. Mundane slacks are now paired with microscopic tops and trendy sneakers, steadily replacing COVID-era athleisure and the undying gravitational pull to denim. You read that correctly, slacks are the going out look of late.

Lines between menswear and women’s fashion are barely existent anymore, aside from tailoring and fit. Perhaps Gen Z’s ever-growing affinity to thrifting has served as catalyst for the slacks craze, but appearances on Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have certainly made their own impact. The Row, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s luxury basics staple brand, dressed the pair in a tailored take on the men’s style.

To complete the menswear-inspired look, Kendall and Bella both incorporated traditionally masculine pieces such as neckties, button-downs, and vests. However, other trendsetters have opted for a co-ord approach to slack styling. Emily Ratajkowski embraced the recent oversize mania and dressed in a baggy matching suit for her maternity photoshoot back in March. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus added a coordinating vest for her own take on men’s suiting.

Perhaps the code has been cracked for the ultimate day to night look. Slacks offer a polished silhouette for the workplace, while edgy styling can carry the same pants into an evening on the town. Some New York influencers have followed Miley’s lead and styled slacks with form-fitting vests as nightwear for a more feminine approach. Maybe they even wore the exact trousers at work that same morning?

Standout contributor to the trend is classic American workwear brand, Dickies. As opposed to its upscale counterpart of The Row, Dickies‘ basics have become sought-after among Gen Z, largely due to their prominence in thrift stores. Now even sold at Urban Outfitters, the small-town staple has been photographed on Bella Hadid countless times. Axecents by Orah LeMaître, the supermodel’s patchwork go-to, is known for their reinvention of Dickies‘ slacks and tops.

But the wide reach of slacks has not been limited to celebrities and influencers. Watching New York, a street style account run by Johnny Cirillo, has captured a stampede of Brooklynites in the look this summer. Whether plaid, high-waisted, or paired with a graphic tee, the slacks are worn for a multitude of outings and occasions.

On the runway, slacks were around every corner for Spring/Summer 2022 ready-to-wear. The Row unsurprisingly incorporated such trousers into all possible looks, while Vetements and Amiri did the same. Preppy is back, as is the polished sleekness of neutral basics and sporadic color pops. Not to mention that gender norms were nowhere to be seen in any of these houses‘ collections.

What’s next, the men’s boxer? Oh wait, that’s a trend too. Outside of window displays and industry categories, gender matters less than ever before when it comes to fashion. Once a look hits the streets, nobody wonders whether each piece’s intended gender was male or female. So maybe slacks and oversized blazers aren’t really the trend… unisex is.


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