Here’s Hailey Bieber’s Go-To Styling Hacks

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With increasing temperatures and recently opened venues, style inspiration has never seemed like such a dire need. Since the dawn of time, celebrities have long provided us guides for the latest fashion trends. From Lady Diana’s little black revenge dress to Emily Ratajkowski’s reinvention of low-rise and crop-top combination, it is these personalized looks that capture the eyes of many. However, in our 2021 Instagram era no celebrity runs fashion like Hailey Bieber. Let’s take a look at five of her go-to styling hacks.

Wearing one color is a sidewalk show stopper.

Whether it is a mini skirt paired with a casual tank top, bodysuit, blouse of the same color, or off-white cargo pants worn with a white simple collared shirt, Bieber knows that it does not take more than one color to have a 10/10 outfit.

Biker shorts are not only made for biking.

It is no secret that Bieber frequents the gym. In fact, one can usually find her at boutique fitness studio Hot Pilates, in Los Angeles. However, Bieber also puts the leisure in athleisure, accessorizing her biker shorts with an oversized shirt or cardigan.

Denim on denim is heaven.

Whoever said denim on denim is a fashion no, has not met Mrs. Bieber. As a past face of Levi’s and the new face of Saint Laurent’s yet-to-be-released denim collection, Bieber is a jean queen. Adorning her Levi’s with a matching jacket, or even a western denim shirt.

Pastel pink is just as hot.

Brighter is not always better, Bieber surely knows that. Whether it is a tiny little pastel swimsuit, or an evening high slit gown, Bieber proudly questions the notion that pastel pink is not only made for ballet slippers.

Size does not matter.

Hailey is unafraid to mix undersize and oversize pieces. In fact, she embraces these different fits, pairing baggy jeans with a tiny cropped t-shirt or wearing a short form-fitting dress with a long jacket. She loves to play with different silhouettes.

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