Every Look From Ralph Lauren Pre-Fall 2021


Ralph Lauren is having a big moment right now. The brand just announced that they are launching a virtual fragrance club in the theme of the Roaring 20s — just as the 2020s come roaring back to life. The brand is also set to take center stage next month in Tokyo as it continues to be the official outfitter of the United States Olympic Team. Ralph Lauren is the epitome of one of those classic Americana brands that’s adapting to the times and staying relevant as the world changes around it. It’s synonymous with the notion of the American dream and symbolizes American fashion.

This latest pre-fall collection is exactly in line with those same thoughts. With these pieces, Ralph Lauren proves it’s not too late to take back 2021 and seize all the opportunities for travel and adventure that await us.

Moving away from the Art Deco and Roaring 20s theme of the fragrance club and Spring/Summer 2021 collection, the king of American fashion moved into a new take on Americana. Based on a safari theme, this collection speaks to the sense of adventure and love of the great outdoors that plays a huge role in the American Dream. It’s what we as a nation, and as a world, have been missing over the last year and a half as we stayed inside. Now, with the opportunity to go explore the world again, Ralph Lauren’s new collection can take us there. Ralph Lauren himself must have had travel on his mind as he created this collection.

With a neutral palette almost exclusively focused on khaki, black, and white tones, there’s a versatility to this collection that takes us from work to play and from day to evening. This collection has a little bit of everything: a wide-leg jumpsuit, wrap dress, smoking jacket, and some dresses. Of course, no Ralph Lauren collection is complete without an iconic polo bear sweater, and this collection features a bear dressed in matching safari garb. All of these pieces have a sense of adventure to them and are ready to take on any occasion.

Below, check out every look from Ralph Lauren’s Pre-Fall 2021 collection.


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