Every Look From Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2022

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Whereas many Spring/Summer collections are emerging with a riotous bang after the long hard year we’ve had, Rick Owens is taking another approach.

“This collection is about embracing hedonism because, of course, I had the chance to embrace all the hedonism I wanted to. I wouldn’t want this generation not to have that, but I feel like I want to be soft: I want people to take care of themselves, and not go too far, and consider responsibility. We can be hedonistic and indulge, but let’s try to keep it soft and nice,” Owens said.

With relaxed silhouettes, tattered sweaters, and an emphasis on off-white and cream colors, Owens’s latest collection brings a sense of humility to the runway. The billows of fog also add an almost angelic feeling to the models as they strut — even in the ridiculously fabulous sunglasses they wear — but Owens is careful to not over-identify the meaning of the smoke. “Fog has become my logo. I use it a lot. It’s a simple, dumb gesture, and I like a simple, dumb gesture. It has ambiguity to it. It stretches all the way from doing poppers in a disco basement in the middle of the night to incense in a church. It brings a sense of magic and mysticism to the occasion, and it’s false. It’s theatre. But that’s good enough. That kind of artifice can be a tool towards religion and group events, it can heighten the sense of wonder and it can elevate a moment,” he comments.

The runway show carries a softer drama than what Owens’ fans might be used to, but the collection offers a refreshing take on how the creative designer envisions the future.

Check out the entire Rick Owens SS22 collection below.

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