Every Look from Mônot Resort 2022

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Mônot’s Resort 2022 debut served bold, architecture-inspired designs that celebrated and accentuated the feminine form with structure and luxurious fabrics that speak for themselves. The collection is devoid of prints, focusing instead on silk crêpe, silk chiffon, and cotton jersey materials as well as introducing sustainably-made denim for the first time. Models don sheer, delicate gloves and one particular outfit styled by Ron Hartleben pairs opera gloves with the unexpected — blue jeans. Eli Mizrahi hasn’t abandoned his through-line of glamorously feminine tailoring, no, rather he empowers the Mônot woman to revel in special pieces on ordinary days. After all, how could anyone feel ordinary in elbow-length, arm-hugging, dramatic black gloves? Poufed mod hair, bold afros, and slicked back buns add to Mônot’s maximal minimalist aesthetic for no shortage of beauty inspiration.

Mônot Resort 2022 is a case study in how sensuality can be both covered and uncovered. There are corseted tops with strapless sweetheart necklines and one-shoulder cuts, and bodysuits are shown off on their own, creating a similar effect to an uber-short short. Yes, this collection boasts floor-sweeping gowns (we’re particularly fond of the dress with a sweeping scoop back), but Mônot is no stranger to jumpsuits and tailored sport coats. The latter seem to have inspired the accentuated, over exaggerated shoulders that exude a blend of power and glamour, elevating even the most paired-down color palette. The collection predominantly features black, white, and bleeding red to represent both love and hate. It is deconstructed and simplified, yet far from simple as each uniquely structured piece speaks for itself.

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