Every Look From Richard Quinn Fall/Winter 2021


If there’s a common thread between fashion designers, it’s the beckoning call to take the unconventional route when it comes to fashion week. Some designers are ghosting the typical calendar, coming up for air from the event’s tight scheduling, while others are taking a leap of faith when it comes to uncustomary collection presentations (that is, sans runway). British designer Richard Quinn is joining the list.

2020 was the last time Quinn made a runway appearance, a shocking move considering the attendance for his Fall 2018 showing – maybe the Queen of England sounds familiar? – and the celebrity hype and award recognition surrounding his name. Yet during his hiatus, he wasn’t entirely absent from design, donating bold floral scrubs and matching surgical masks made out of unused fabric to NHS frontline workers.

It’s a new year now and if there’s such a thing as a cosmic return, it’s Quinn’s Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear collection presentation. Packaged within 25 minutes, the collection’s short film is a tale of juxtaposition and imagination. Comic book scenery (think neon lights shining in the night, grimy alleyways, and Cat Woman) are staged with fairytale scenes with ballerinas performing in ballgowns and characters dragged into wanderlust dreams. The collection itself matched the intensity of the cinematography too. Florals take on an ominous feel paired with face masks or full frontal face coverings and are laid onto seismic gowns (much like his silhouette work for Moncler) that flow over latex body suits. It’s Quinn’s depiction of extravagance and indulgence when it comes to doing whatever one’s heart desires – that clothing is a way of living not something to simply live in.

Watch the short film on YouTube and click through the gallery to view every look from Richard Quinn Fall/Winter 2021.


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