Jacquemus Teams Up with Chloé Wise for its Spring/Summer 2019 Campaign

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Known for its flirty mini dresses and an exceptionally large sunhat gone viral, Jacquemus is the epitome of relaxed French dressing. For his Spring/Summer 2019 collection, designer Simon Porte Jacquemus decided to add an artistic twist through a collaborative campaign with American artist Chloé Wise. The collection, titled La Riviera, was inspired by the sunny French-Mediterranean locale, influencing the number of gauzy dresses, as well as sculptural shoes and accessories. Wise captures this spirit through a painting of two women outfitted in Jacquemus, sitting on what we can assume is a balcony looking out at the Côte d’Azur.

Both Wise and Jacquemus have spent time in the south of France, making it easy for her artistic expression and his creative vision to join together seamlessly. In the saturated painting, a background of blue sky and sea, fresh citrus, and a glass full of rose set the scene for Jacquemus’ dreamlike reality. One woman wears an orange swimsuit with a slouchy trench coat draped over her and a green leather belt bag at her waist. Another wears a sheer yellow piece. In the bottom of the frame, you can spot the handles of one of the oversized raffia bags spotted on the Spring/Summer 2019 runway, as well as a hand reaching over with a partially peeled lemon and a chunky bracelet with the brand’s “J” charm dangling from it.

The decision to turn to painting rather than photography for the fashion campaign evokes a sense of connection to France’s rich history with art. The task at hand meant that the artist’s interpretation of Jacquemus’ designs has to represent the clothes, in addition to conveying the overarching sense of sun-drenched escapism that graced the collection. Wise does this successfully, with the finished result being the type of painting the designer pictures one would find in a villa on the French Riviera.

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