Now Casting: The Most Interesting Faces of New York Fashion Week

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Every season, a new crop of faces and interesting personalities walk through CR’s doors. Here, casting director Evelien Joos highlights some of the most unique and different models for Fall/Winter 2019 wth photography by Guillaume Roemaet.

Name: Wan Yu
Age: 25
Agency: Muse NYC
Interesting fact: „I’m a registered nurse. I went to school to be a nurse at a local hospital in my hometown. I also have an obsession with trying any and all pizza. I spend time researching the best pizza places in New York.“
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Name: Sveta Black
Age: 22
Agency: Muse NYC
Interesting fact: „I’ve been trained as a classical violist and pianist for 11 years. Although I look like Mongolian, I’m Russian!“
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Name: Carmen Amare
Age: 23
Agency: Muse NYC
Interesting fact: „I started rapping at 16, mostly for fun but it quickly grew to one million views on YouTube. At 18, I performed a song I wrote at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert for Malala Yousafzai. One of the most memorable moments of my life.“
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Name: Sammy Gardner
Age: 19
Agency: New York Models
Interesting fact: „I have an ‚energy‘ playlist on my phone and every morning I blast it as I walk out of the door. Included is ‚Kiss‘ by Prince, ‚Stayin’ Alive‘ by the Bee Gees and ‚Bette Davis Eyes‘ by Kim Carnes.“
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Name: Makala Johnson
Age: 17
Agency: Wilhelmina Models
Interesting fact: „I’m a super thrifter. It’s a super power of mine, I can find just about anything at a thrift store.“
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Name: Sasha Knysh
Age: 22
Agency: Muse NYC
Interesting fact: „At 14 years old, I won the national Math Olympiad and then won it the following year. If you ask me now if I know how to do math, I will pull out my phone to calculate it. I’m also addicted to Sour Patch! I can eat them without stopping and until my tongue is burned.“
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Name: Jonathan „Jonny“ Alexander
Age: 20
Agency: Akrav Agency
Interesting fact: „I am a collector of rare vintage pieces ranging anywhere from clothing to action figure, and I have a very good polo collection.“
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Name: Taylor Wells
Age: 19
Agency: Akrav Agency
Interesting fact: „I’m first-generation American. My family is originally from Havendale, Jamaica, which is why the mountains are my favorite place. I have a matching tattoo with my dad of Jamaica on our backs that we got for my 17th birthday (my mom almost killed us for it.)“
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Name: Liang Xiangqing
Age: 19
Agency: Elite Model Management
Interesting fact: „I’m a secret prankster.“
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Name: Alex d’Aquino
Age: 17
Agency: Akrav Agency
Interesting fact: „I’m writing a book and starting a noise punk band with my friends.“

Manu Miloqui
Age: 18
Agency: Next Model Management
Interesting: „I really like to take pictures when I’m traveling!“
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Name: Symone Wynter
Age: 20
Agency: Anti-Agency
Interesting: „I lost my front tooth in a freak accent at 17 years old and I’ve played the viola for more than six years.“
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