East Meets West at Valentino’s Ginza Flagship Store

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Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli looked to surrounding Japanese culture to inspire the transformation of the fashion house’s Ginza flagship store. The retail site was converted into a temporary concept store that will feature an exclusive Tokyo collection as well as a selection of items made in collaboration with Japanese artists, artisans, and designers. The unveiling of the store’s redesign coincides with Valentino’s pre-fall runway, which took place in Tokyo on November 27.

At the helm of a heritage Italian label, Piccioli sought to create a dialogue between the East and the West, specifically citing the concept of Japanese wabi-sabi and its embracing of imperfection in conjunction with the symmetry that dictates Greek ideals of beauty. He also was inspired by the Japanese “ma,” which represents the space, or rather the void, between two entities. These Japanese concepts are present throughout the store’s new design, as well as in the pre-fall collection, Valentino TKY capsule collection and collaborations.

Each of the five floors of the flagship location has been dedicated to a different concept, such as a VLTN Kawaii Room on the bottom floor that houses a capsule within the Valentino TKY collection centered around five original manga-inspired cartoon characters. Other items in the Valentino TKY line include t-shirts, sweatshirts, and a series of pieces created only for the Ginza store, such as kimonos, a folding fan, geta sandals, and cotton face masks. On the main floor, the collaborations are front and center. Japanese brands like Yohji Yamamamoto, Undercover, and Doublet are featured. Many of the pieces highlight the “ma” that Piccioli was drawn to, through double-branding–like the t-shirts and sweatshirts by Doublet emblazoned with its own logo as well as Valentino’s–that symbolically and visually condenses the space between the two labels.

The Ginza concept store also displays artist collaborations that merge elements of the fashion house with Japanese aesthetics. A single sheet of Valentino red paper was masterfully folded into animals by origami artists Kyohei Katsuta and Satoshi Kamiya, pieces of the capsule collection were lensed by photographer Izumi Miyazaki, and a samurai donned Valentino slide sandals for Tetsuya Noguchi. Japanese craft is also present in the form of lacquerware, painted screens, and hairpins, among others created by local artists.

The Valentino TKY capsule collection and collaborations are available through December 9.

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