Remember When Carine Convinced Gigi Hadid to Pick Up Ballet?

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“Fashion and ballet go together perfectly… It helps everyone to be in harmony with themselves, it reduces stress and creates presence, so it’s good for everyone,“ Carine once said. It’s safe to say that she’s turned pirouettes and pliés into a trend that fashion simply cannot get enough of. This fixation on ballet has been long documented, but Carine has taken her love of the elegant practice to major heights.

Take 2013, for example, when she dedicated the second issue of CR to the elegant practice. In addition to the balletic editorials, she filled the pages of the magazine with illuminating dancers of our time, including Misty Copeland, Marie-Agnès Gillot, the late Vaslav Nijinksy, and Sergei Polunin.

„Ballet is hard work, and it is one of the last art forms that is done with pure motives — ballet stars rarely sign huge endorsement deals or become world famous. More likely they are real people giving themselves fully to one passion,“ she wrote in the editor’s letter of that issue.

Naturally, Carine’s love of ballet has spread beyond the pages of CR, as her fashion friends have also picked up the practice. “When Gigi Hadid told me that she started ballet because of me I found this very flattering,” she admitted.

Hadid has previously taken to her Instagram to show proof that she dons a leotard and ballet slippers. She snapped the picture at New York dance-based workout studio, Ballet Beautiful, which also counts Lily Aldridge, Doutzen Kroes, and plenty other models as fans.

Carine started dancing at the age of six and actually hated her classes at the barre, she once divulged. She eventually abandoned the practice, only to pick it up again in 2011. She has since admitted that her dedication has paid off and she now has a stellar en pointe. Yes, Carine regularly swaps out her stilettos to balance on the tips of her toes—at least five days each week, to be precise.

“I was ultimately drawn to the rigorous standards of posture and elegance. There is no choice but to keep your chin up in order to look the part. It’s this kind of discipline that attracted me,” Carine said.

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