Step Inside Valentino’s Re-Signify Experiential Exhibition in Bejing

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“Re-signify means to look at what you know with a new lens. Valentino has an important archive that is a constant source of inspiration, but inspiration needs to be directed and worked with a different approach. Re-signification is my own personal work process by which the signs of today create the foundation of what can become the signs of tomorrow.”

The second iteration of their Re-Signify exhibition is nothing less than a multi-dimensional, hyper-active celebration of Maison Valentino. Designed by Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli, it takes place in SKP South’s T-10 exhibition space and features content from all aspects of the longstanding Italian house from Valentino Beauty to Haute Couture.

At the same time, the exhibit sees Valentino’s works among those of various visual artists from around the world. This talented group of creatives includes the likes of Cao Fei, Xu Zhen, Gioele Amaro, Robert Muller, Liu Shiyuan, Cheng Ran, Shen Xin, Xu Wenkai, Amkk, Jonas Mekas, Yeesookyung, Nick Knight, Jacopo Benassi, Pajama, Robert Del Naja, Wu Rui, and Alessandro Teoldi.

When combined, the works of Piccioli and these artists create a unique, multi-media experience that celebrates the Valentino brand and identity in a novel way. Simply put, the relationship between clothes and works is both not unequivocal and not analytical, but is sensibly and simply perceptible and legible, or rather intuitive. There are visible connections, but all of the pieces exist in a dynamic setting. Overall, the second chapter of Valentino’s Re-Signify experiential exhibition in Beijing presents a new manner in which to view fashion, which is both unabashedly contemporary and classically museum-like.

The Valentino Re-Signify Part II exhibition will be open to the public until November 7 at SKP South’s T-10 exhibition space in Beijing.

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